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  1. A Pre-Wrestlemania Synopsis

    Hi Everyone

    My first post - so please be nice

    Been a fan of Wrestling since Wretlemania 8, then stopped watching it (Did not have cable tv)

    Got back into wrestling at the Royal Rumble 2000. When the PPV was on terrestrial Channel 4 in the UK (Having already started watching WCW on Channel 5 with Goldberg et al..)

    Been watching it ever since ...

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  2. Rocks Return Update - All bout The Miz now.....

    Hi all. Three weeks ago I posted a blog on the return of The Rock and discussed the benefits and potential pitfalls for the WWE as a result of it. Had some really good discussion points and comments out of it and so thought I’d build on this by looking at how the angle has developed and what I now believe to be the biggest benefit of the return of The Great One. For me whatever transpires on RAW ...

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  3. What is really missing in TNA???

    This is the problem that TNA has:

    TNA has yet to realize that all wrestling is just a soap opera with a lot of action. Most soap operas are realistic and even if some aren't, they at least don't cross the border to a point where people are getting hit with a big nail 2 by 4 and still staying alive (Ex// Abyss). TNA needs to captivate the viewers in a way that gets them emotional and ...

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  4. WWE: John Cena and the Tag-team Championship

    If there are two things fans that follow WWE tend to agree on it are that John Cena suck and that the Tag-team Championship has lost its glory.

    Now first of all we must acknowledge that giving a championship to a wrestler is one of the classic ways to push him or her. This only works if the championship has a perceived status though. A championship with no status is after all just ...

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  5. WrestleMania: A Seriously Lack Luster of Build-Up

    I may looking too much into this but it has come to my attention recently the build-up or lack thereof for WrestleMania. Now considering Mania is just 3 Smackdowns and 2 Raws away and I will not spoil the SmackDown tapings for anyone in this post I just wish to address the build up for each of the main events, not that the undercard has serious problems but they are not as prominant as the main events ...

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  6. My Thoughts on Victory Road: A Rick Starr Blog Splash

    For those of you who did not watch, what was probably the worst PPV Main Event in Wrestling history Sunday night, you have most likely already heard about it on this very web-site. Most you have undoubtedly even went on to watch the replay of the match (as the match it self only took a whopping 88 seconds.). ...
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  7. Reborn-Again Fan: My Thoughts on Present-Day WWE and TNA Part II

    Hello all,
    Fresh off of watching TNA, I decided to go on with Part 2 of thoughts as a reborn-again wrestling fan. I will start this post off as I did Part 1 and I'll list a few things of note:
    • I started watching TNA in November when I attended a house show in Connecticut.
    • I know the history of the company very well.
    • I consider TNA a viable competitor to WWE.

  8. Why Triple H is Facing The Undertaker at Wrestlemania 27

    Hey guys hope all is well. People are wondering why we have to watch another Triple H vs The Undertaker match at Wrestlemania and I think I came up with the reasons why. Im cutting straight to the point.

    Nobody was built up enough to challenge him
    The year 2010 was the year to push all the young talent that was worthy of a push. The WWE did a great job in pushing talent but ...

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  9. Past Week in Wrestling Review #2

    Monday Night Raw

    Overall I would say it was a better than usual show, but it wasn't without it's flaws. Starting out with the good is just about every promo on this show was pretty entertaining. I had no real gripes on any of the promo segments on this show, and I also thought HBK did an excellent job(via titantron) on pushing this fued with Taker and HHH. Taker himself did pretty well, ...
  10. Predictions for the WM27 card - and thoughs on how to strengthen it.

    Note this is my first post here, and English is my second language, so keep the grammar-policing on the light side please!

    3 weeks away from the main event of the year and only 6 matches are cut in stone. In this post I'll make my predictions for those 6 matches as well as share some thoughts on how to improve what seems like a rather weak card.

    Now, lets start with ...

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