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  1. TNA Television Title

    Before i begin lets look back on a brief History of the Television title.

    1. TNA Legends title (2008,2009)- Booker T debut this belt. I thought this was a ok idea it was something different. i thought it should have only been defended against legends not against those like AJ Styles. ( He will be a Legend one day.) this belt was never as prestiges as i thought it could be.
  2. Full Review/Critique on Each Member of the Original Nexus, The New Nexus & The Corre

    Hey guys. Out of nowhere I'm getting an obsession in writing about the Nexus. Well this one will be fun because I'm going to give my in-depth review on the respective stables. Leave me feed back on what you think.

    The Original Nexus
    This team has the ability to be everything and more. A very talented squad that shook the entire wrestling world up including TNA. The ball ...

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  3. Nexus Plans

    Hey guys hope all is well. I have a huge plan that would fix the Nexus. This is a good plan because it ends the stable with a bang and allows them to go their separate ways which is what we all want.

    Now lets dicuss the issues with the Nexus

    1. They were jobbed out
    The WWE allowed Cena to single handedly take them out and move on with his career. Also creative ...

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  4. WWE Draft - a win for Smackdown?

    I know many will say that there already lots of blogs about the 2011 draft but i just want to give my thoughts on the WWE Draft.

    Ok so many believed that this year Smackdown got the better of the draft, gaining more wrestlers than RAW and gaining a lot of credible wrestlers. It seemed as if WWE were trying to build up the Divas division and tag team division, and have succeeded to an ...
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  5. Rundown on the WWE Draft 2011

    Hello all. In this blog, I'm going to do a big run down of the draft picks from both RAW and the Supplemental draft, giving you guys my thoughts on each move. It is going to be quite a read. So if you don't mind, let's cut the intro and jump right into it.

    Alright. So here is the lineup of who got traded on RAW.

    John Cena to Smackdown! ... and then back to RAW. ...

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  6. STATE OF THE 'E: It's A Shameful Thing, Lobster Head!


    To say I feel sorry for Sheamus is actually an understatement. Lets break down some specifics here:

    1.) Started off to a dominant run on ECW.

    2.) Soon went to RAW, DOMINATED a few mid-carders and then was thrust into the limelight.

    3.) After only being ...
  7. WWE Draft 2011: Analysis

    I decided to take the time during the “Sir” Michael Cole versus J.R. (and I say this next part lightly) match to write up my analysis of the 2011 Draft.

    The Doctor of Thuganomics is going back home...

    What this means for SmackDown is that the show will gain ratings that it has been lacking for a long time. What it also means is that there might be some half decent feuds ...

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  8. WWE Draft 2011: My thoughts.

    I know I'm following the trend of people who will post their thoughts on tonight's draft, but it's been a while since I posted an entry. I didn't want you to forget about me (lol). In truth I was going to wait until Extreme Rules to post my thoughts on that. Anyway, here goes.

    I recently read that The Miz may be getting drafted to SmackDown and Del Rio to RAW.

    If this ...
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  9. Where is the "Entertainment" in WWE?

    What I'll be talking about is the lack of entertaining that is inside the wrestling ring.

    1. No Managers! Remember when loud mouth from the south or sunny will get involve in the matches helping or aiding or just the fact make their representing superstar presentable by talking for them, what happen to that? Where is the sharmells, or the teddy longs when they would help get the superstars ...

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  10. And I quote: Feud for thought, Booker double dutch and 'it's getting a bit drafty'.

    Well for anybody that read my blog last week, i was kind of right with what i said about Edge being back. Not that i expect regular readers of what pops into my head haha. But Edge was back on Smackdown on fine form for his 'retirement party' and looked pleased for Edge. However i also saw something else in Edge's eyes when he was stood at the top of the ramp watching Christian grab that title down ...

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