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  1. Impact Wrestling: The Rebuttal Blog

    Let me first off say - if you agreed with my last blog or not, thank you for your click and for the time you took out to make a response. I am writing this blog as a response of sorts to many of your comments. It is just much easier trying to defend myself here than in the trenches of the comment section.

    According to Kurt Angle and Hulk Hogan, TNA Entertainment is now running Impact ...

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  2. WWE vs WWF: The Sad Decline of a Product

    First of all, I have to thank Madness' WWE v WWF blog for inspiring me to finally get off my lazy ass and write my first blog. I salute you.

    What I am going to write about may have been read to death by many of you and you may change the proverbial channel, but I hope that isn't the case.

    As we know, WWE just isn't the same. In fact, Vince McMahon has either lost his ...

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  3. Impact Wrestling: A Genius Business Move

    I may not know much of how the wrestling business works behind the scenes, but neither do many of you. I am pretty sure we do not have any former-wrestlers of a large promotion on this site (sorry to say, Ryan Clark). I do however, know a thing or two about business in general. What TNA is doing is exactly what they should be doing at exactly the right time, everyone just needs to see it from a business ...
  4. TNA & WWE: Brand Evaluation

    This is my first of many articles to come so I'll start by introducing myself. I'm Craig and I shall be writing exclusively for . Each week I will gauge my opinion on the 2 WWE brands that are RAW and SMACKDOWN. I will give my opinions, thoughts, ask questions (or should I?!) and basically look for your reaction and own take on the "must see TV"(or not) that is the ...

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  5. Current WWE vs WWF

    This is gonna be my first official post here, the names Mike Madness and I just wanted to get your opinion on a few things.

    A lot of people bash the current WWE and in my opinion they have a good right to. Most people when bashing the WWE will turn to the Attitude Era as the way wrestling use to be, and should still be. Like many here, I have been a wrestling fan through the Attitude ...

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  6. Hogan and Angle: Their Legacy and Folly

    Hey EWN. Been a lurker for a while and thought it was time to join the community as ive been enjoying reading the blogs and threads here more and more. Hope i'm sticking to the rules.

    This is about TNA's Kurt Angle and Hulk Hogan and the image the IWC has of them now.

    I typically don't watch TNA. But will stay up on monday nights til 4am to watch monday night raw live ...

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  7. One Roster - Why the brand extension needs to go!

    I believe its run its course, the brand extension is pretty much a joke in this day and age. It's about time to merge the rosters again. This will give us new feuds, all our favs in one show and more time to build hype (2 shows a week to continue storyline, rather than 1 a week, so that's 8 episodes to hype up a ppv match instead of the typical 4).

    Here is the reason why this will work ...

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  8. The Nature of the Gimmick and the Career of a Wrestler

    It seems that anytime a new character debuts in wrestling, sometimes it seems easiest to compare them to a similar character that has come before them. When Del Rio debuted, the first words out of most people’s mouths were “JBL”, with Sin Cara it was “Rey Mysterio” and with Jack Swagger it was “Kurt Angle.” The constant comparison of wrestlers to those who have come before them has always ...

    Updated 05-10-2011 at 10:47 AM by Frank

  9. Wasted Talent #3: Samoa Joe

    Hey guys, I will be making a series of blogs talking about the numerous WWE/TNA who's talents are being wasted as of now. Lookout for these blogs to feature the likes of Samoa Joe, The Pope aka Elijah Burke, Zack Ryder, Curt Hawkins, Kofi Kingston and many more...Stay Tuned

    Samoa Joe, he's actually a big guy that can wrestle. As far as big and/or tall guys, I would say he's currently ...
  10. What Makes Great Entrance Muisc

    Lets face it people, in the mainstream area of wrestling, a wrestlers theme music is just as important as the character itself, if not more.

    Tt harolds their coming, it signals defeat for their opponent in the eyes of that wrestlers fans, and it for the most part, helps add to the gimmick.

    There are some theme songs people just consider bad, and often, for good reason, ...

    Updated 05-09-2011 at 11:47 AM by Frank

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