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  1. Loose Cannon: Wrestlemania Dream Card

    Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to another edition of Loose Cannon. In the last edition of Loose Cannon, I blogged about how TNA can revive it's own promotion Impact Wrestling. In the latest edition of Loose Cannon; I will blog about my Wrestlemania Dream Card. Welcome to the place for the fans, from the fan, and forever for fans. Welcome to Loose Cannon.

    Wrestlemania Dream Card ...
  2. BLOG #100: My top 10 Dream Matches

    To make blog 100 the biggest of any blog yet, I decided to give my top 10 dream matches of all-time. This isn't a normal top 10 list though. I set a rule here, I can't use the same wrestler 2x on this list( Austin vs Punk along with Austin vs Hogan. Just 1 Austin dream match). I also left off dream matches that have happened aka Ric Flair vs HHH has happened which means no prime bs. I bet this ...

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  3. Coffee Talk: Why Hate TNA?

    Hey fans. Savior here with another edition of Coffee Talk. This time around, I'm making it simple and to the point. Why Hate TNA?

    This is not a blog that is intended to bash fans who love WWE. Not at all. It is also not completely in defense of TNA or me trying to convince people that you should watch TNA. I'm approaching this topic from someone who grew up with wrestling. I'm in my ...
  4. The New Corporate Angle: The way they need to approach it!!!

    Hello Everyone,

    This is my first time writing a blog for this site but I think it will be good. As a long time WWE fan I think something needs to be addressed about the New Corporate angle. You can take it for what it is worth but as an editor I think make some sense. This new angle is what the WWE Executives and the Universe have been waiting for. The angles and storylines have been ...
  5. WWE Raw 8-26-13 Hits and Misses

    Overall Score: 7.5


    After another stellar Raw following a PPV last week the comedown show came upon us. Although it was a comedown, this week's Raw was pretty good. It wasn't great, but it wasn't bad. The continuation of the development for the two big rivalries were well done, and two minor storylines were born.

  6. Loose Cannon: How to revive Impact Wrestling!

    Ladies and gentlemen; welcome to another edition of Loose Cannon. In the latest edition of Loose Cannon; I blogged about the WWE Battleground 2013 card which is a new ppv installment by the WWE in attempt to bring new obstacles and matches to WWE superstars. In this edition; I will blog about the revival of Impact Wrestling! Welcome to the show for the wrestling fans, from a wrestling fan, and forever ...
  7. Loose Cannon: WWE Battleground 2013 Card

    Ladies and gentlemen; welcome to another edition of Loose Cannon. In my last edition; I explained how the Cruiserweight Division is vital to any promotion and how it should be taken advantage of. In the following blog; I will blog about the WWE Battleground 2013 card. As many of you presumably known; WWE Battleground is the new PPV concept that WWE has created alongside other countless PPV's that ...
  8. In Defense Of: Sid

    I wrote my in Defense of Blog a few days ago about The Ultimate Warrior and surprisingly I found out that a lot of people feel the same way about the Warrior as I do. The Warrior is no ones favorite wrestler but certainly doesn't deserve the criticism he gets for his 1 WWF Run... Today I'am gonna blog about another controversial figure in wrestling and that is Sid/ Sid Vicious/ Psycho Sid/ Sid Justice ...

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  9. Ringside Ramblings: The Return of Anyone?!

    Hello and welcome to my second ever blog, and the second installment of 'Ringside Ramblings'. I'd like to start this week by apologizing to the EWN community as i made some stupid and inconsiderate comments in the forums regarding SummerSlam spoilers and was subsequently banned. I'm not sure what i was thinking but i was being incredibly selfish and i vow to make sure it won't happen again.
  10. Dolphins1925 and the Great (Non) Controversy

    “Do what’s right for business. Please stop the leaks. #RAW”

    Spoilers aren’t new to the wrestling industry. As long as there’s been someone who’s wanted an inside scoop, there’s been someone there to provide it. Back in the early days of the Monday Night Wars, WCW provided their entire audience with RAW spoilers in order to pull in extra business. The ...

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