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  1. How DB can be used to solve the storyline problem

    A lot has been written of late and many opinions posted about how the WWE needs to get its act right, especially with respect to handling mid-carders with talent and most importantly, in terms of getting its storylines in the right direction. One of the points, misconstrued to be a central aspect of WWE storylines, is the John Cena heat. The situation there is very clear - milk the cash cow. Kids ...

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  2. Something a little different?

    Okay so this is my first little blog here, long time reader however and so I thought I'd have a little overview of wrestling in general today and the main 3 North American Companies, ROH, TNA and , of course, WWE.

    I'd like to start by comparing their styles. ROH are easily the most talented wrestlers, even without Daniel Bryan and (presumably) the Kings of Wrestling, these guys know ...
  3. Bound For Glory Series – TNA’s highlight of 2011?

    Although at this stage we don’t know the results of the final BFG PPV, I’ve actually found the BFG Series matches & theme to be the highlight of Impact. If you can ignore the PPV name (bit dicey, IMO), for once, it gave the TV main events a purpose, beyond some half witted feud decided when two names were pulled from a hat.

    It allowed the top stars to build momentum, raised the ...

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  4. Will the real Chris Jericho please stand up?

    You know I'm gonna fire off a quick rant because I'm sick of seeing this. Chris Jericho and Austin and others talking about people stealing their stuff.

    Quote Originally Posted by Everything is Jericho
    There seems to be a lack of respect for the forefathers who came in and did it first and it's not just [CM] Punk, it's a whole litany of guys from Miz to Cody Rhodes to Mason Ryan to Sin Cara to Kelly Kelly, everybody is stealing
  5. Branding Issues Pt. 2: The Kurt Angle-TNA Paradox - A Final Hope

    In continuing my rant on the state of TNA and its so-called brand here I present part 2, and a possible solution, to the TNA dilemma, and it's lack of a providing a viable alternative to the monopoly that is the WWE.


    In part one I mentioned one other wrestler that could legitimately stand off on the other side of the ring opposite Kurt Angle in the Shawn, ...

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  6. The Reality Era: What Does It Mean?

    Hello and welcome to my second-ever blog! Woot.

    Okay, let's just get right down to it. CM Punk has coined this the "Reality Era." Now, I'm a huge Punk fan; in fact, he's my favorite Superstar on the roster, for various reasons (I could write about why he's my favorite, but let's save that for another blog). Now I pose my question: Is the Reality Era just a one-time thing, ...
  7. SmackDown: The Good, The Bad, The Ugly

    Hey Peeps, Knox here, hope everyone is doing ok. I'm here to talk about the current awful state of Smackdown. Now as many people know, there have been tragic economics events taking place at the expense of Smackdown. From their awful attendance rates and poor ratings as of late.

    I basically wanna basically touch on the good times and bad times of Smackdown and ideas on how to make ...
  8. Branding Issues pt. 1: The Kurt Angle-TNA Paradox

    For wrestling fans old enough to remember the 1990s, the wrestling wars between the WWF and WCW were a dream come true. The WWE has churned out a mediocre, over-exposed, over-hyped product for a decade now. That said, it's still the best promotion running. This is a sad truth.

    There are plenty of indie promotions for wrestling fans out there, but quite frankly, I'm just 1 of many typical ...

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  9. The Odds and Ends of TNA and WWE

    What’s up Splashers! In This edition, I take a look at the differences between TNA and the WWE. Now before anyone gets the wrong idea of me being just a WWE mark or a TNA mark, you got the wrong idea. I am a wrestling fan, which means I am bias. With that said let’s get down to business.

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  10. Is the WWE really as bad as people say?

    Hi all, iv'e been reading a lot of comments lately on EWN on the news feeds, Blogs and Forums and the one thing i keep reading repeatedly is people whinging about the current product WWE are delivering to us, so I thought, i'd weigh in and give my opinion.

    I'm gonna start with the one thing nearly everyone complains about, John Cena, personally I am fed up with him being given the title ...

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