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  1. The Roaring Silence at the Royal Rumble

    I have been a member here for a couple months, but this is my first blog; so I'll keep it fairly short and to the point.

    Last night (as we all know) was the Royal Rumble, and for my money I thought it was a great event. The three matches leading up to the rumble were all very good, with great pacing and great showings by the younger talent (i.e. Miz and Ziggler). Even the Rumble itself ...

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  2. TNA vs. WWE wrestlers

    Match Type: TNA's King Of The Mountain match type, but team vs. team elimination.

    TNA: Jeff Jarret, RVD, Kurt Angle, Samoa Joe vs.WWE: The Miz, John Cena, CM Punk, Kofi Kingston.

    Match Type: regular
    TNA: AJ Styles vs. WWE:Rey Mysterio

    Match Type:WWE's Last Man Standing
    TNA: ...
  3. Royal Rumble: Disappointment of the Century!

    I attended the 2011 Royal Rumble in Boston, Massachusetts. The last time I was in Boston it was for the 900th episode of RAW and that show was horrible.

    I had higher hopes for Royal Rumble, which is usually the best PPV of the year besides Wrestlemania.
    Ok, first of all you cant have a WWE Champion that can't win a match either on his own or clean. The Miz keeps talking about ...
  4. The Wrestling Revolution!

    “(insert name here) has revolutionised sports entertainment” Chances are, if you’re a wrestling fan, you’ve heard this phrase tossed around more than a racial slur at a red neck get together. Everybody and their grandmother felt they were worthy of laying claim to that honour throughout the nineties and early 2000’s, we heard it so much that after awhile the phrase lost a lot of its meaning. ...

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  5. Factions and Tag Team that should be! PART 2: TAG TEAMS


    FORMATION: When new Intercontinental Champion, Christian, helped former best friend and tag team partner, Edge, retain the World Heavyweight Championship – the duo reunited on SmackDown as the new and most dominant team in WWE!
    BRAND: Friday Night SmackDown

    BOOM! ...
  6. Factions and Tag Team that should be! PART 1: FACTIONS

    Hey guys!

    After watching CM Punk’s New Nexus take shape on Raw, and the rise of Wade Barrett’s new group, the Corre, on SmackDown – I’ve been bit by the faction bug!
    For quite a while, I’ve been thinking up Factions that I would like to see form on WWE TV, as well as potential tag teams to give new life to the near-death WWE Tag Team Division of today.

  7. What I hate about Wrestling

    Allow me to begin by saying i may be slightly biased and i am the first to admit it, i have always been a fan of the Hardy Boyz and the rest of the carolina group (i do agree that as of late Shane Helms has been way outta line). however, i go around, and i see this hatred towards certain parts of the product, and certain wrestlers, and it leaves me asking why.

    TNA- ok, yes, some of ...

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  8. Main Event Mafia vs Immortal

    So Crimson warned some select members of Immortal that "They" were coming for them now.

    Speculation grew that it would be the Main Event Mafia, and now with Scott Steiner's return in a suit, you have to assume it is the Main Event Mafia.

    Lets take a look at what type of feud were talking here between Main Event Mafia and Fortune, first by running down who ...
  9. Possible Mania Line Up

    Here is a list of the best possible options in my opinion to make this years mania card.

    Undertaker V Sting:
    I realize this is a long shot, but as of public knowledge Sting is a free agent, and honestly who wouldn't buy Mania for that match alone.

    Undertaker v Tripple H:
    This is a better possibility. we know HHH is returning any time now. I just can't imagine ...
  10. Cm Punk + Nexus = Not just coincidence?

    Well for a while now ive been thinking about why CM Punk would join Nexus and/or why Nexus would let him, and it got me thinking, but there have been a few things that i beleive could show that CM Punk wasent just randomly added too the Nexus.
    Here are some weird thing they had/have in common.
    1. Nexus debuted through a match between CM Punk vs John Cena?

    2. It was after ...

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