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  1. Getting the Poison Out: Money in the Bank indeed!!

    Watched most of the MITB PPV last night. Thought I'd throw out a few thoughts.

    Smackdown MITB - Didn't see the match as I came home late last night, but I heard it was pretty damn good. Nice to see Daniel Bryan win it. Don't think anyone saw that coming. I'll go ahead and call it the first swerve of the night. And I guess Sheamus looked pretty good in the match as well.
  2. John Cena - The Ultimate Underdog

    Hi all, no blogs for months and then two in the space of a week! Having watched the sensational MITB PPV last night ive been thinking about what I wanted to say on the matter and I've decided to comment around one person I never thought I'd blog about John Cena.

    Before I get to that I just want to say that I thought the PPV was outstanding from beginning to end, everyone worked their ...
  3. CM Punk is indeed Money In The Bank

    Well hello there peeps,
    This is my 2nd blog technically (The first wasn't published dunno what i did wrong) Anyway, I just finished watching Money In The Bank, and I'll sort of give my review quickly on all matches, then go on and focus on the main event, which for as far as I can remember is the best match Cena has had in his entire career in my opinion.

    First Match

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  4. What should happen in Summer Slam...

    this monday night Raw should open with Vince McMahon. he would inform us that Cena had failed last night and he is fired from WWE. But Mcmahon has a surprise for the WWE Universe. Austins music hits and here comes the SCSA with a mic in his hand. Austin says last night CM Punk left WWE with the title. after that Vince called Austin and begged Austin for a favour. So, heres Austin with an offer for ...
  5. Cena CAN wrestle

    Hey people.
    I've been hearing A LOT of talk about CM Punk's well deserved WWE title win last night at the MITB PPV. But not many have discussed the other man in the match-Cena, which I intend to do here.

    For years people have been referring to Cena as "SuperCena", referring to the fact that his matches always follow the same pattern: Cena gets destroyed for the entire ...
  6. Move over Undertaker & Triple H. CM Punk & John Cena has STOLEN your spot!

    Remember earlier this year we said Triple H and Undertaker was going to be the match of the year in 2011. Don't most of you feel silly for saying that after watching the Money In The Bank 2011 main event? I know I do.

    Any so-called wrestling fan that says CM Punk and John Cena did not go out and tear up that ring with great wrestling, storytelling, psychology, crowd involvement and ...

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  7. Money In The Bank vs. Destination X

    As the name implies I'll be looking at the both pay per views that took place in the month of July. I'll be breaking it down by three things. The build up to the match, the in ring work and finally the OMFG FACTOR.

    The Build Up
    ABSOLUTELY HANDS DOWN, the build up to Money In The Bank (MITB) wins this one. As they always said, location, location, location. And thats just what ...

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  8. Vince McMahon: World's Smartest Man

    Hey guys hope all is well. I'm here to blog about how smart Vince has been with this Cm Punk deal which is worth reading.

    The WWE has the World's Largest Athlete (Big Show), World's Strongest Man (Mark Henry) and....wait for it.....the World's Smartest Man (Vince McMahon).

    Now lets start of by explaining reasons why he's the smartest man alive when it comes to business. ...

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  9. The PG Era: Part of a Master Plan? CM Punk's Role

    In the opinion of many wrestling fans, the PG era has been a major step back for the WWE. With many fans growing to love wrestling during the "Attitude Era," the loss of blood, fowl language, and sexual content caused many to lose interest in the product. When you look back and remember moments like the infamous "Brian's got a gun" skit, The Rock's many references to pie and sticking ...

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  10. WWE: Self Promotion

    There have been countless blogs, forum posts, comment threads etc. etc. that go on about how the WWE is doing [Superstar X's push/lack there of, Zack Ryder, PPVs, PG, CM Punk, I want the Attitude Era 2.0, Tag Teams, Divas, etc. etc. etc.]. However, as always I like to point out something a little bit different that a lot of people seem to have glossed over.

    In 2011, WWE is too self-promoting. ...

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