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  1. Where have all the characters gone?

    Hey guys, this is my first blog so i'm not sure if it'll be anything decent but i'll give it a go.

    I was reading a blog earlier about "gimmicks" (which i thought was a good blog) and this made me remember a thought I have had for a while now...Where are all the characters in the WWE? What I mean by this is in my opinion alot of the strong characters and personalitys have ...
  2. Is CM Punk Getting Stale??

    Disclaimer: I like CM Punk. I like him a lot. He may be my favorite wrestler currently...HOWEVER i hate to say it but im getting the impression that his promos are getting quite stale.

    When Punk gave that awesome promo a few months ago on Raw, it was completely unexpected and Punk took it to the extremes. He delved into the inner workings of the WWE and really voiced the sentiment of ...

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  3. The Undertaker's Role

    It’s always been one of the more pressing questions when it comes to the wrestling world, do you prefer spectacle or realism? There are of course companies which cater to both of these needs, for example Dragon Gate are enormous fans of the spectacle to the point when at some stage in the future they will have to put suicide detonators on all their wrestlers shoes for me to be able to watch another ...
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  4. STATE OF THE 'E: The Brand Split Means Nothing!

    Okay, I know I'm in the middle of my FCW blog rant but, I have to take a break and talk about something that's been nagging at everyone since (majorly) the beginning of te year. It seems that the brand split is coming to an end. First they took away "Bragging Rights" which was a PPV designed to see which brand was better. Speculation was they took it away because of the poor sales it garnered ...

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  5. The Artful Dodger Presents: Theme Music and Perception

    Hey yall. My last blog didn't get any responses, so I'm not sure if it sucked or if I did something wrong when posting, but its cool either way. Today I would like to talk about theme music.

    As I stated in my last blog, right now I am not able to watch wrestling due to where I live, but I still follow. This means that when I get back home and turn on Raw or Smackdown, I might be ...

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  6. John Cena, CM Punk and the WWE today.

    Hello EWN. I've been a long time visitor of this site and just recently joined. This is my first blog. It will be a bit long, but will give a different insight on the Cena/Punk angle.

    There are Cena fans who think that there is no reason for Cena to be disliked. That definitely is not true. He has his good points but has his faults as well.

    good mike skills ...
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  7. Is CM Punk the adult's John Cena?

    Hi guys, this is my first blog on EWN and probably my last, as I struggle to come up with interesting topics and talk about them in-depth. However depending on the feedback I get, I might consider blogging again.

    Let's first go back to a time in PG, before CM Punk was shooting the way only he can, and remember how dull the product was becoming. John Cena was in at least three quarters ...
  8. My pick of should've been world champ by now

    My pick of should've been champs by now

    This is my first blog so don't be to hard on me if my blog has something you really disagree on

    Mark Henry

    This man debuted in 1997, the only titles he won was the european and ecw championship and only won them once (fast forward 14 years) for the first time in his life hes the number 1 contender for the ...
  9. Nxt 2.0?

    NXT 2.0?

    With NXT not showing any sign that it will come to an end and have a definitive winner, is it time to move on to the next level of NXT?

    When Vince McMahon and the WWE conceptualized the NXT show, is it possible that they had no end game in sight? NXT started in February 23, 2010, replacing ECW. After a 4 year run, ECW was not producing the ...
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  10. WWE needs to get rid of commericals during matches

    I talk about commercials during matches and the solution to them.

    One thing that I still can't stand is those fucking commercial breaks during matches, it happens during almost all matches and I hate it. I'd rather have a 3 minute segment with hornswoggle than a commercial break between a match. I understand that breaks are needed but not when you are really interested in a match, it ...

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