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  1. Is the WWE really as bad as people say?

    Hi all, iv'e been reading a lot of comments lately on EWN on the news feeds, Blogs and Forums and the one thing i keep reading repeatedly is people whinging about the current product WWE are delivering to us, so I thought, i'd weigh in and give my opinion.

    I'm gonna start with the one thing nearly everyone complains about, John Cena, personally I am fed up with him being given the title ...
  2. Another WrestleMania 28 Must See Match…Y2J!

    Okay, so we have a couple matches that we know or at least expect to happen at WrestleMania 28; The Rock VS John Cena, The Undertaker VS _______ for the streak (Randy Orton, my prediction) and some CM Punk/HHH/Stone Cold/McMahon angle. Despite the three matches starring mega WWE superstars, I think there’s room on the card for us to be ‘saved’ once again by the Ayatollah of Rock N’ Rolla ...
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  3. Top 5 Free TV Matches in Wrestling History

    There is Many matches on Free TV, But its very Rare you see that One match, The match that Grabs you, The match that You talk about for years to come, Keeps people talking for decades, That Rare Free TV match that is Better than any Big show PPV match all that year or maybe the best match you seen in years..... Here is the Top 5 Free TV matches in Wrestling history.


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  4. Fan Remembers: Attitude Era

    Let revisit the hottest times in wrestling, the attitude era. It was early 1996 and a battle between WCW, run by Easy E, and WWF, run by Vince McMahon, was red hot. The WWF had dominated the ratings war for years. WCW was closing the gap. After a short period the WCW became the more popular of the two, and the ratings followed. WCW played dirty too, giving away results of (then taped) RAW IS WAR, ...
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  5. Top 5 Wrestlers I Would like in person

    So many Wrestlers today (and from yesterday) make idiots of them self on Twitter and Youtube. You see a wrestler on TV and You think "He must be a great guy" but then you see him not in charecter on a Shoot or radio interview and think "What a Prick". or you will hear many wrestlers talk about what a Asshole he was behind the scenes.... I read books, seen some shoots, read Some ...
  6. The Reign of The Game

    CM Punk wanted change, and he got it, perhaps not in the way he expected, when HHH got hold of the reins of WWE as Chief Operating Officer. In this post I'll take a look on what he has "accomplished" as COO, the situation around the titles, and the storyline itself.Let's start with the titles.

    More than a belt

    For once all the belts are held by worthy champions, ...

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  7. Futures of WWE

    Hey guys, this is my first blog on EWN and I apologize for any spelling mistakes

    I'm going to be writing about the futures of WWE so I hope you enjoy!!!

    Daniel Bryan
    This guy currently holds the Smackdown Money in the Bank briefcase and WWE should NOT mess this up. He needs working on his mic skills which he probably is practicing at the moment, FANTASTIC in ...

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  8. Reflection of WWE's Problem of the last 2 Years

    Ok, I like a lot of you, have found A TON of problems with the WWE nowadays. I've been sitting and thinking about what I could do as a fan, if I had total control for about 2 years. Let me know what you think....

    1. Cena turns heel: It needs to happen. He's become Hogan-ish, nobody wants him as face right now because it's gotten stale and oh so predictable. His deal is only believable ...

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  9. My Thoughts on MCW, The Hardys, The Muppets, and More

    Don’t you guys hate it when you write a perfectly acceptably blog, and for no reason it doesn’t get published? It almost gives you a form of writers block, because you can’t get past that blog. I’ll explain my situation. I wrote a blog on the new series: Hulk Hogan’s Micro Championship ...
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  10. The many faces of John Cena

    Hey guys Knox here, hope everything is going ok with everyone. I'm blogging about Cena today. We all know about how Cena was just awarded the WWE Title for the 10th time and it caused an uproar.

    Personally, I'm a huge Cena fan. I value the guy's work ethic. When he was a heel in 2003, he was my favorite ever, I mean he rised to quick and probably deserved the WWE Title back in 2003 ...

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