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  1. My Take On What's Wrong With WWE

    Let me preface this by saying that the product now is a little more interesting than where it was a year or two ago. I watch RAW and SmackDown every week. I'm not someone that doesn't watch it and cries that it's PG that's ruining everything.

    With that said, here are four things that I think are hurting the product. This is my opinion and it's not intended to reiterate what everyone ...
  2. What Makes a Wrestler A Main Event Star?

    Hey Everyone. The Saviour here with another blog consisting of a fresh perspective and new stuff to read for everyone to enjoy.

    Now, before I get started, I had an awesome thought. There might not be enough time to coordinate something like this, but I would like to get together with three or four of the best bloggers on here and do some sort of a round table debate. Sort of like the ...

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  3. Thoughts on John Cena

    Hello blog readers! The title of the blog says it all really. I want to talk about John Cena and also my thoughts on his character! I'm going to give my honest opinion like always so here we go!

    John Cena

    John Cena,

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  4. WBC Tournament:Top 5 Woman Wrestlers

    [COLOR=#333333][B][FONT=Verdana]Welcome to WBC(WrestlingBlogChallenge)This is the first Tournament in WBC History. Their might be a couple more with in a few days, whoever does win the whole Tournament will face WBC Champion Renevious in a Top 5 List Topic of their choice.

    Today's topic is Top 5 Woman Wrestlers

    [FONT=Verdana]JSullivan List[/FONT][/B] ...

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  5. Cenation or Cenough: A hard look at John Cena

    Hey guys! Today I'm gonna try something a little different. I don't normally like to focus a blog on a single wrestler, but John Cena is pretty much in a category of his own so I think I can devote a blog to him. First of all let me start off by saying I am not a Cena fan and have not been since his days in thuganomics; that being said I will do my best to do him justice and be impartial in this blog ...
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  6. Yes Sir We Promised You A Great Event.......

    Yes Sir We Promised You A Great Event......

    The Actual Jobbers:I've noticed over the last few years that you constantly have main-eventers or big stars jobbing to each other. It makes RAW interesting, but then you end up losing all of these huge opportunities for great matches in the future because we've already seen them. For example, Punk vs. Cena was a great angle last year, but in ...
  7. TNA iMPACT - 8 March 2012

    TNA 8 March 2012

    Show opens with a recap of Eric Bischoff and Ric Flair warning Garrett Bischoff not to show up next week (happened last week). Cut to a shot of Garrett driving up to the arena. How many people are surprised at this? How many people are tired of this storyline? (Raises hand.)

    Show main arena with Eric, Ric and Gunner entering the ring to Flair’s music. ...
  8. TNA iMPACT - 1 March 2012

    (I know, this is a week old, but computer problems prevented me from getting this up in a timely fashion.)

    TNA 1 March 2012

    The show again opens with a recap of the events between Sting and Bobby Roode, leading up to Sting’s announcement of the two having a match against each other Victory Road. Cut to Angle saying that he hates Jeff Hardy for so many reasons that he has ...
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  9. The Top 5 Wrestlemania Matches That Never Happened

    What's up community?

    It's been a while since I've done this. I've been working long hours.

    But anyway, I think it's time for another "Top 5".
    In honor of WrestleMania season, I think I should give my "Top 5 WrestleMania Matches That Never Happened". So, let's begin.

    05: Undertaker vs. Kurt Angle at WrestleMania ...
  10. What Happened to Wrestling?

    Hey guys Knox here. What happened to wrestling has been a huge debate as of late that I wanted to discuss on. Wrestling is failing right now because it honestly was meant to be a phase. Everyone knew something like this wouldn't be great forever and that's typically what happened. I'm going to give you some reasons why wrestling is failing and I'll also give my opinions on how to rebuild it but first ...

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