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  1. Yes Sir,We Promised You A Great Event:WrestleMania 28 Discussed

    I'm Back!

    Big Plans For WWE Draft:This is pretty pointless since the Brand Split is over. But if I were WWE, I'd send the Miz and Cena to Smackdown, hopefully with Cena as a heel after beating Rock at WM, and a face Miz. Give Miz some much needed promo time, let him feud with Cena the way the younger guys feuded with heel Rock in 02-03.

    Basically ...

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  2. The Wrestling Backfire: The Problems With WWE's Booking

    CB, a writer at insidepulse, wrote a fantastic piece a couple of weeks ago on how WWE’s creative staff is like the Miami Heat of angles: they can start hot but cannot finish. He used a picture perfect example backing up his statement by talking about how poorly the WWE booked the Nexus angle.

    The Nexus angle isn’t the only feud the WWE’s creative staff has botched. They’ve botched
  3. OO: Ozfan's Opinion - Top Wrestling Matches of WrestleMania Part Two

    Hey everyone. I'm back with PART 2 of the The Best Match of Every Individual WrestleMania. I hope you enjoy.

    WrestleMania VI - Hulk Hogan vs. The Ultimate Warrior for the World Wrestling Federation Championship and the Intercontinental Championship
    This match was one of the greatest one on one matches of the 20th Century. Intercontinental Champion The Ultimate Warrior and World ...

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  4. What I Think WWE Will be after the Draft

    Alberto Del Rio Drafted to Smackdown
    Alex Riley Drafted to NXT
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  5. Flash From The Past: Wrestlemania 23

    What is up everybody!? Time for another edition of Flash From The Past and this time I will be taking a look at Wrestlemania 23 as we are just a little over 1 week away from Wrestlemania 28. On this edition, I am going to do it a little different than i have on the last few and I want you guys to tell me what you think! Lets get under way.

    Wrestlemania 23
    Ford Field-Detroit, Michigan ...
  6. WWE Programming

    I've been a WWE fan since 1990, since then hings have changed. Eras, talent, and WRITING TEAM.

    Golden Era which had the faces of the company such as Hulk Hogan, The Ultimate Warrior, Macho man and later down the road Bret Hart.

    Attitude Era which we had The Rock, Mick Foley, The Undertaker and Stone Cold as the face of the company.

    PG-Era and we ...
  7. Why RAW Ratings Continue to Suffer

    For being one the most anticipated Wrestlemanias, Raw has done a terrible job building this year's mania and the RAW ratings are suffering. I believe that the ratings are blowing because of the quality of the show. I mean it is top notch as far as a professional production quality, but just the way they format the show really irritates me and probably bores the occasional viewer. The way they've ...

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  8. Thoughts about Lord Tensai

    I think Lord Tensai is the destructive force the WWE needs right about now, he would add power to the WWE as well as bring in some Japanese style wrestling that he has picked up over the last few years.

    So as many people already know and have figured out, Tensai is in fact former WWE wrestler A-Train/Albert. When A-Train was in the WWE he was a dominating force but I always ...

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  9. The Lost Gems, Vol. 2: Wrestlemania VII

    Hey guys, Renevious here again. I'm back this time to talk about another Wrestlemania that doesn't get the shine that I personally believe it deserves. Once again, this is strictly my opinion, and I know a lot of you out there don't necessarily care too much for this one at all, but it happens to be one of my personal favorites. So let's get started, shall we...

    Wrestlemania VII (March ...
  10. The Major Flaw with The WWF/WWE Championship?

    Hi guys this would be the second blog I have done this week and I look to stir the pot a little here and see what happens.

    Now for years i have been wondering when the WWE will crown an African American WWE Champion. This has bothered me quite a bit. If you look through the 90's and today WWF/WWE has had many Great African American professional singles wrestlers. Now many will ...

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