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  1. AWrestlingGod: Heath Slater World Heavyweight Champion?

    Where he comes from

    Heath Slater is whom I consider to be one of (if not) the most under-utilized wrestler on the roster. Heath Slater was the one that week in and week out was putting over legends and making them look good. Heath Slater was one of the wrestlers that took part in one of the best story-lines in the past 5 years when he debuted with the original Nexus, he was also the ...
  2. WWE Double Feature Review Elimination Chamber/ Kane DVD Part 2

    part 2 of 1

    The Twisted Disturbed Life of Kane DVD

    Disc 1

    Match 1
    Survivor Series 1997
    Kane vs Mankind
    Match was made by Foley taking a brutal beating and sickening bumps. Kanes Mannerisms Resemble a Jason Vohees and Micheal Myers, Just frightening The early Kane Character. Kane wins his first WWF match with a Tombstone. Rating *** for Foleys ...

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  3. WWE Double Feature Review Elimination Chamber/ Kane DVD Part 1

    This is something I picked up at my local Walmart for $10. Its the Complete 3 Disc set of the Elimination Chamber and the 3 Disc Kane DVD in a double pack. Its perfect timing marking almost 10 years since the first Elimination Chamber and 15 years from the Debut of Kane at Badd Blood IYH... Its a 6 disc at $10, Seems like a Great Deal but How Good of a Deal is it? I'm here to give you a review ...

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  4. You know what really grinds my gears?

    "You know what really grinds my gears? Cynical wrestling fans .. why don't they get with the freaking program. It's called a wrestling show folks, no need to get your panties in a twist, just enjoy the show, stop taking it out on other people... And that, is what grinds my gears... Back to you Tom."

    I had been contemplating a way in ...

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  5. The Splash: My Thoughts on the Hulk Hogan/Bubba Love thing?

    Alright Splashers, I’m just going to let everyone know that this not be suitable for all ages. I’m also going to let you know I’m pulling no punches, so If you are a fan of Hulk Hogan (or Bubba "the Love Sponge" for that matter.) you might just want to pass this one up.

    In The Bedroom ...

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  6. Talking Smack: Kane & Bryan, Bigshow, More!

    Another week of the WWE’s “B-Show” is in the books, which means it is time to start Talking Smack!

    The Standout

    Believe it or not, but the thing that stood out the most to me was the opening segment of Miz TV. First off, the Miz was killing it on the mic. His comment to Daniel Bryan of “I bet your friends at the betting zoo think ...

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  7. Kickout Fatigue: The Ryback Conundrum

    For the most part, I've enjoyed the meteoric rise of Ryback. After the 20th squash match where he did the same 3 moves it got a bit old, but all along I've been pretty captivated by this beastly wrestler and the path of destruction he's been blazing across the WWE.

    Seeing him catapulted into a main even situation against CM Punk was pretty shocking to me. Obviously, WWE is high on ...
  8. WWE RAW 10/15 Ratings Breakdown ~ The Deluxe Lounge

    Welcome to another addition of the Deluxe Lounge. Welp! Let's not waste anymore time. Let's -- FEED! YOU! MORE! -- numbers.

    The October 15th WWE RAW scored a 2.81 cable rating with 3.98 million viewers. This is pretty much the same rating we got last week. There doesn't seem to be any improvement in viewership what so ever. Let's take a look at what hindered the show this week.

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  9. The Value of Titles and the Brand Split

    Hi all, this is going to be the first blog that I have ever written so please don’t be too harsh to me on the comments! However as a lifelong fan of the WWE (apart from a 3-4 year break in the mid 2000’s) and an avid reader of many blogs and news stories throughout the past couple of years, I have always wanted to have a go at adding in my own input but have never known what to write about, until ...

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  10. Kickout Fatigue: A look at ROH, WWE, & TNA

    Any fan of pure, absolute wrestling should be watching Ring of Honor. Not since the incredible ECW product of the late 90's has there been a collection of such amazing, pure, talent rich wrestling going on for us to enjoy.

    Of course, after watching a replay of the recent ROH ippv, Glory by Honor XI, I was struck by a thought. While ROH inarguably contains the best wrestling, it is ...

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