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  1. KAYFABE: What happens when wrestlers BREAK THE LAW?

    Hey there everyone hope the weekend is treating you all well... so now on to the show. With the recent arrest of jack swagger (#1 contender WHC) there are now many things up in the air as to how the E will go about fixing the situation. Also this is not the first time an incident like this has occurred will the E lean from there mistakes or air on the side of business?

    OK so MR. Swagger ...
  2. WWE:Backstage.

    Hi there! Now I know that this is a place for wrestling fans who really enjoy wrestling and I bet all of us are a part of WWE universe.Like it or not but it’s true.And this has made me think what does that really mean.

    Money.Yes,it all comes down to money but this is just a part of it because in order to get money WWE has to offer something.Since the first day promotion has grown rapidly ...
  3. Top 5 wrestlemania rematches

    Wrestlemania 29 is almost set and stone and it looks like we are going to get a rematch to the disappointing Rock vs Cena WM 28 match. This got me thinking of wrestlemania rematches that surpassed its predecessors and those that disappointed... So todays top 5 list will focus on Wrestlemania Rematches.

    The match has to be a rematch. The original match could of been legendary

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  4. Booking Wrestlemania 29 – The Card That Never Was! Part 1

    Booking Wrestlemania 29 – The Card That Never Was

    Hey Guys & Dolls
    With Wrestlemania soon upon us, I felt this inner urge to book MY event and show upon the world the realistic wonders that could have been.
    Please remember this is my combinations about what I'd like to see, what was realistically possible, and what would draw money!
    I encourage you to leave comments
  5. A Dennis Blog -- Why a Face Miz is good for business

    Why a face Miz is good for business.
    Hello, fellow ewn bloggers and viewers. I have been writing blogs for the past couple of weeks on topics that I thought many other members of the IWC were misguided on their current viewpoints. I actually had a hard time choosing another blog topic for that reason, because I agree with other members of the IWC often. For some reason though, many members ...

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  6. Could TNA wrestlers really work for WWE?

    Let’s just pretend that TNA folded and had to close its doors. Maybe a fire burnt down the Impact Zone, maybe everyone stopped buying their PPVs & merchandise or maybe Dixie completely mismanaged all of TNA’s funds. Regardless, this would leave about 50 wrestlers unemployed. Some would flock to WWE, others to ROH, a few to Japan and the rest would be back to the independent circuit. Vince ...
  7. WWE Issues That Need Fixed ASP!

    Hey been a wrestling fan my whole life. Only time I didn't watch it was while I was in Iraq with USMC between the years of 03 to 07. I have noticed some things that just irritate me about the WWE as of latly. Things that could go well for the show or prevent them from losing it if they fix it.

    Team Hell No- Well Hell is one way too put it. That is where I feel like I am while watching ...

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  8. OO: Ozfan's Opinion - The New WWE Championship belt. Good or bad?

    Hey everyone. I am back with another opinion and this time, I will let you know what I think about the New WWE Championship belt that The Rock introduced this past Monday on RAW.

    [B]My opinion:[/B] IT...IS...A PIECE OF MONKEY CRAP! as the Rock would say. It is BAD.

    The title is small. It looks like an oversized replica of a Hall of Fame ring. And what's with the Brahma Bull ...
  9. Silly Brit: How Diva's Can Main Event Again

    Hey there guys and gals! Sorry, it's been a whole while since I've posted here. I'm currently in the middle of hardcore studies in England, training to be a primary school teacher, so the workload has picked up tremendously since I visited the States.

    I've been avidly following (albeit offline) the events of the passing months and, whilst The Shield have made an explosive impact, Cena's ...
  10. Alberto Del Rio vs Jack Swagger: A British Perspective

    DISCLAIMER: I am British, and will be disucussing American politics in this blog, it is accurate to the best of my knowledge but please forgive me if get certain facts wrong.

    So Jack Swagger (quite surpisngly) won the elimination chamber on sunday night, and with the odds of Ziggler cashing in before Wrestlemania looking very low, we have a very interesting feud on our hands.

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