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  1. 20-1, HBK NY Screw Job, Cena Steel Chair Rage, Sheamus heel turn.

    HI my nerdizles. Log time hope everyone is well and excited about WM29. So many people have done alot of predictions so heck heres mine.

    Triple Nose v Block Lesnar

    This will be shite. (British for weak as shit) Simply because all they are going to do is smash each other pause, smash each other pause blah blah blah. It will get interesting towards the last ten minutes. I believe ...
  2. Nitro's 10 Bold Predictions for Wrestlemania 29

    Here I am again to bring you predictions that, while might not be right, but will be bold and that will be a big thing. At the royal rumble, I got 3/10....well, they are meant to be bold, so let us see what happens this time. So I bring to you 10 bold predictions for Wrestlemania 29

    10. Cody Rhodes will begin to turn face

    Like everyone else, I love me some Rhodes Scholars,
  3. Cena's Character Progression

    All this never-ending arguments between Cena fans vs haters... I just want to say this, because I'm tired of the stupid little jabs, and I wanna see what people say... In my case, is not about hating Cena the person, or the performer necessarily, but freshening things up is important in this business, and performers know well that they need to be careful and not become stale.

  4. Most likely Wrestlemania upsets

    Out off all the matches i think that there will be 4 that could cause a major upset.

    1: Jack Swagger Def Alberto Del Rio
    this is unlikely due to the fact that swagger has still to serve his suspension for being caught under the influence but this is on off the matches that people are thinking is gonna be a walk in the park for Del Rio... anyway that's upset number 1

  5. A TNA Fan's Excitement for WM29

    Good, bad, or indifferent I have been primarily a TNA fan for the last 2 years. I kept myself up on WWE through readings and YouTube clips but I have not watched more than 10 minutes of WWE programming since this passing Monday: the go-home show for WrestleMania. Even though I may not be as invested as many of you are in the current WWE product -- here it goes anyway.

    A TNA Fan's Excitement ...
  6. My WrestleMania Preview (Match by match)

    My thoughts on each match going in to WrestleMania

    Well, we're 4 days a away from the spectacle that is WrestleMania! The event that constantly reminds us that our favorite "scripted" sport is still very much alive and well! It's time to breakdown this years show of shows, match by match!

  7. WrestleMania 29 a better build for the supermatch and so on...

    Good Day All,

    I hope we are all enjoying this, mediocre at best, road to wrestlemania. I am not bitter however and I will explain why. (PLEASE FEEL FREE TO LEAVE FEEDBACK)

    Last years build for the Rock Vs. Cena 1 was way too weak with the twitter wars and barely any TV rivalry time. This year was a way better build up, and I actually am looking forward to the match this ...

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    Thoughts and Opinions
  8. Wrestlemania 29 "The card that should have been"

    To all my wrestling fans,

    I am super excited for this Sunday's Wrestlemania, as everyone should be. Now, I know that the current match card has got a fair bit of criticism and that is fair, but it is still going to be an amazing show and we should all be grateful that we have such a grand stage in which to watch our beloved wrestling.

    In saying that,
  9. Wrestling's Fan Predictions- WrestleMania 29

    Hi there everyone, WrestleMania 29 is just a few days away and I am so excited to be watching it! This will be my 7th consecutive WrestleMania I'll be watching live and even though I've heard a lot of people say this is one of the worst card's ever, I still believe that some of the matches can definitely deliver in one way or another. Here are my predictions of what will happen Sunday:

  10. Who will beat The Undertaker?

    The most talked about match year after year at Wrestlemania. The Streak. The biggest accomplishment in the history of this business. Sunday night, The Deadman goes 21-0 at the grandest stage of them all. Online betting websites have listed him as a 30-1 favorite in past years to win. With Wrestlemania 30 a year away, the big question is who, if anyone, will end the streak and make the Phenom rest ...

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