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  1. 10 Bold Predictions between now and WM30

    So this is all about the next 12 monthes to WM30 in New Orlands! I will give 10 massive predictions, some obvious and some just plain stupid and i want to see if they come true!

    1. Antonio Cesaro will lose US and stay minor - Mr. McMahon has made it no secret that he despises Cesaro and he has to lose the us title soon but the difference between my prediction and others is that he will ...
  2. Evolution from Now Until WM30

    So WM29 has come and gone. What a great way it was to start out the “new year” with an exceptional broadcast of Raw and perhaps the greatest crowd in wrestling history. We now have an entire year before the bell rings in New Orleans to start WM30. I am already wondering what WWE has in store for us these next 12 months. Obviously, there is no way to predict the future, let alone the rapidly ...

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  3. Random Thoughts: Raw 4-8-13

    Well, one of the safest Wrestlemanias is over. Vince McMahon finished his orgasm that was Rock-Cena II, everything was a story book ending, there were no big surprises or twists. The Universe is in perfect balance and it is now time to start the new WWE year.

    Probably doesn't help that the new WWE year is starting with the Rock no showing Raw.

    Now all we ...
  4. The Commandments of the WWE IWC

    If you were to lurk on any of the dirt sheets, you would think the IWC is a bunch of hypocritical, indecisive lunatics who are just never happy. Which is not true at all, we are happy sometimes, it just lasts shorter than a New York minute.

    The truth is though, there are some rules to make most (but never all) of the IWC happy. So instead of being all serious and boring, I'm going to ...
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  5. Yes! Yes! Yes! The Raw Review (#YYYTRR)

    I started this blog off the back of my own trip to London’s O2 Arena three weeks after WrestleMania XXVIII, and the idea was to offer my thoughts on Raw, but mainly the experience I had watching it live and on TV. With that in mind, I just want to say that tonight’s crowd was insane – exactly what a WWE crowd should be. I’ll even go as far as saying that it was better than last year’s post-WrestleMania ...
  6. The Newport Report: WrestleMania 29

    So now that WrestleMania 29 has come and gone, I feel like this is the perfect time to debut my own series of monthly blogs entitled "The Newport Report". Today's topic? The very underwhelming excuse for what WWE calls it's 29th Show of Shows. Let's begin:

    The Pre-Show

    For some reason, I was really looking forward to this. A free extra hour added on before the pay-per-view ...

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  7. The Punk: Wrestlemania 29 Review

    Wrestlemania is to wrestling fans what Christmas is to children. Since 1985 it has been the number one wrestling event of the year and has become, to most fans, almost as big as the Superbowl. The last couple of years have seen WWE struggle to craft decent storylines heading into the event and this year has been no different. Regardless however, this year's instalment features a number of highly anticipated ...
  8. Wrestlemania Synopsis

    Miz vs. Wade Barrett
    Has Barrett won a match since winning the IC belt? Miz won, enough said

    Tons of Funk vs. Rhodes Scholars
    I blinked and it was over. Wait, did it even happen?

    Sheamus, Orton, & Big Show vs. The Shield.
    Overall, a good way to open Wrestlemania if you don’t countthe pre-show Intercontinental title match. Orton showed his egotistical ...
  9. DK Savior's Promised Punk/Taker Follow Up

    Hey fans. Savior here with my requested follow up to the CM Punk vs Undertaker match at lastnight's Wrestlemania. Just to recap, a few week's ago, I posted a Coffee Talk blog revolving around this feud and my expectations weren't very high for this match. Was I right? Was I wrong? Let's jump into it shall we?

    Before I get started, I just want to note that in my Coffee Talk from Saturday, ...
  10. Wrestlemania XXIX Review Best Part Worst Part

    Hey! What do you know I watched a full WWE PPV live for the first time in probably 10 years and it happened to be Wrestlemania! I've been keeping up with the stories, watching stuff on the youtubes, and was interested what they were going to deliver especially with a surprisingly short build for the biggest PPV of the year. Going to give some general thoughts and then a best part and worst ...

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