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  1. Heel Triple H - King of Kings: Owning The Throne

    Hello everybody, was very surprised to see such positive feedback for my previous post. Surprised because all the negative seems to outweigh positive about many topics in wrestling, specifically Triple H. Anyway, enough of my babbling... apart from plugging my link for my last post on this subject ...
  2. A couple of ways to make WWE PPV better

    NOTE: some of these can be used in TNA PPV's aswell

    1: Sunday Night Heat/Superstars
    bring back the hour programs befor the PPV it gives an undercard wrestler some PPV time & it also gives you time to have some backstage interviews, Add, Add a match stipulations basically just build up the story in a vary of ways. not to mention it also gives you some extra's on DVD's
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  3. Stand Up for the X Division, Why Destination X Matters

    By Mo Kristiansen

    July 10th 2011 TNA / Impact Wrestling will present Destination X, which for me is the most important PPV in the history of the company.

    On June 19th 2002 a new North American promotion opened it’s doors on PPV hoping to take a bite out of the WWE’s pie and seeking to appeal to the jaded fan base of the recently folded WCW.

    The first ...
  4. Punk plus SD! taping

    I wrote this sometime last week and forgot to post it. Thanks for taking a read. All input is welcome.

    Just returned home from Phoenix. Me and my seven year old daughter attended the SD!, NXT, and Superstars taping. Along with going to the show we also attended a Randy Orton signing at a local Cricket Wireless Store. I ...
  5. The Rock: The Most Electrifying Man Of All Entertainment

    The Rock is the first third-generation in WWE history, he debuted in 1996 with the name Rocky Maivia with the name of his father (Rocky Johnson) and his grandfathers name (Peter Maivia). He was a face when he started everyone loved how Rocky Maivia had allot of potential and energy but lacked of wrestling skills. After three months in the company he had won his first Championship in the WWE the Intercontinental ...
  6. 'The Antagonist Within' - The Curious Case of CM Punk

    Hi all, it’s been a while since I added a blog, mostly because others have been covering topics pretty well already and because I haven’t had much to say lately. Post Mania has for me seen WWE plateau a bit, this time of year always does seem a bit quiet but that may be because of the hyperbole of the first four months of the years viewing.
    And then in the past few weeks something really ...
  7. Cody Rhodes: From Dashing to Deranged

    When Cody Rhodes got drafted to Friday Night SmackDown in the Supplemental Draft last year, the future looked uncertain for him.
    Many experts (myself included) thought that Ted DiBiase, Jr. would be the most successful of Legacy while Rhodes would languish in the mid-card. ...
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  8. CM Punk, John Cena....and Zack Ryder?

    Hey Splashers! I hope all of you are enjoying the summer. Me? Nope! I'm a full-time student who is majoring in drafting. However that didn't stop me from putting my books aside and giving my usual 2 & 1/2 cents in on what has become the most talked about issue in recent wrestling history.

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  9. WWE Revamped

    Vince McMahon seems to hate competition. However, history has shown that having strong competition makes the industry stronger. The WWE, even though it is still the most popular brand in the industry, is not as strong as it could be and is certainly not as strong as it has been. Although the competition with TNA has helped to some extent TNA is certainly no WCW. The way things are currently going ...

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  10. Oh My Blog: MITB & Has Punk delivered another summer of excitement?

    Hi all. Time for another blog! And i believe i'm writing at a time where blogs are flying in thick and fast, for obvious wrestling related reasons.

    Well Money in the Bank is only a couple of week's away and in my estimation it is one of WWE's best PPV's. I know parts's of the wrestling community are not fan's of the 'themed ppv's' such as MITB, Fatal 4 Way and Hell in a Cell but i ...

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