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  1. Hall of Famers That Should Have Been World Champion

    With Mark Henry's recent World Heavyweight Championship victory over Orton, there have been numerous people listing off other superstars who should have been World Champions (Regal, Jerry "The King" Lawler, Bob Holly, etc.) and who should never have held a World Title (names I've heard are ...
  2. TNA Making moves in the right direction

    Well this is my first blog, and the first time in a long long long time Ive wrote anything online that didnt involve twitter or facebook so here goes...............

    I've been into wrestling now for like 25 years, Ive seen wrestlers come and go, some outstaying there welcome and Ill touch upon that later on.

    I was a WWF Mark back in the 80's early 90's then late 90's became ...
  3. WWE's Mishandling of the Women's Division

    I really want to know why a Divas division in WWE still exists when they make it a mockery.

    (As a disclaimer I haven't been a true watcher of wrestling for a good ten years but have stayed up to date on it enough that I feel I know what I am talking about.)

    I continually read the WWE results on this site and am always curious when I read the women's match results and ...
  4. There's Still an Anonymous Raw GM? Not For Long.

    Two blogs in two days?? I'm on FIRE!!!!!!!! Also, I'm finally getting excited about the WWE product again (sanz Cena winning at NOC). But, good things could be on the horizon. Anyway, on to the topic at hand.

    I've noticed that over the past few months, the Anonymous Raw GM podium would ...
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  5. Things the IWC Need to Understand

    This Blog will focus on oppions the IWC has on Different Topics in wrestling..
    This will deal with complaints they have on the wrestling business, Popular oppion that is just said cause it is popular without even any thought in to it and also on things the IWC doesnt seem to understand.


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  6. Give William Regal a chance!

    Congratulations to the WWE for finally giving Mark Henry the chance and opportunity that he deserves. He has been a monster heel off and on for a while and what was supposed to happen in 2006 finally happened 5 years later at WWE Night of Champions.

    I believe that there is one more man deserving of his time to shine before he phases out of wrestling history: William Regal.
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  7. N.O.C, Raw the following night, WWE DVD's, and Wrestlemania 28

    Hey Guys just want to talk about a few different things involving WWE Live Events, Dvd’s, Wrestlemania, ROH Coming to CW network.

    First ill start with a Review of several WWE dvd’s I have watched over the last few days.

    The John Cena Experience: This is an excellent dvd to watch if you want to peek into the travel and hard work it takes to be at the level Cena is ...

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  8. My Hell in a Cell Card

    First time blogger but I have tons of posts on the forums, I decided to do this today after coming up with plenty of(if I may say so) great ideas, now it involves most of the titles and some backup fueds as well, while utilizing most of WWE's biggest current stars.

    WWE Title:
    Either Cena or Del Rio should win this, because C.M. Punk is apparently going to have a match with Kevin ...

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  9. Who do Rock and Cena Team Against at Survivor Series?

    (I took way to long of a break and I apologize to anyone who was actually paying attention.)

    Like I said, it been a while since I have blogged and a ton has happened in the world of WWE. Nash got fired, along with Miz and R-Truth (NWO anyone?), CM Punk is out of the title picture, and John Cena won his record 10th WWE Championship. Not only all of that, but the WWE has announced also ...
  10. Matt Hardy and His Rehab

    It is sad to see someone like Matt Hardy go through what he is going through. I mean all this self destruction is tough to watch. He had been a very entertaining wrestler, but the drugs and the alcohol left his final in ring years a shamble.

    It is easy to say this could have been prevented. However, the wrestling aspect has a lot to do with why he is the way he is. I'm not gonna make ...

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