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  1. What to expect on RAW on 5/21/2012?

    Following a so-so Over the Limit PPV, the spotlight shifts to the return of the No Way Out PPV on Sunday, June 17 at the Prudential Center in Meadowlands, New Jersey.

    And so without further ado, here's what to expect on the RAW after the Over the Limit PPV.


    After helping John Laurinaitis defeat John Cena at Over the Limit last ...
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  2. Over The Limit, Over Delivers: Results Included.

    Hey wrestling fans. The Saviour here with a special blog post after watching Over The Limit. There's really no need to say more. I'm going to get right into it.

    Pre-Show Match: Kane vs Zack Ryder

    I was actually expecting more of a squash that what it actually was. And Kane wins, which was to be expected. However, it goes to show that if you can get a catchy chant going, ...
  3. Attention: TNA, DO NOT sign Melina.

    Source: The Wrestling Observer

    TNA Wrestling officials are interested in acquiring former WWE Superstars John Morrison and Melina as their names have come up in recent creative meetings.

    Bruce Prichard, Senior Vice President of Programming and Talent Relations, is said to be a big proponent of the couple joining the organization.

    Both talents have continued to
  4. WWE is AWESOME!

    Ever since Vince retired and HHH took over, WWE has been incredibly addicting and so much fun to watch. I find myself counting the days until the next week to see what's going to happen next.

    Slowly but surely it seems they are moving out of the PG era which is great.

    I also like how the writers are making the story lines seem more real, I find myself wondering what's real ...
  5. The Singles Champions: CM Punk, Sheamus, Santino Marella

    Hey everyone. As usual, thanks for reading and comments are welcome. These are just the thoughts I've been having on the title picture in WWE. I'm not going to go into the Diva's or Tag Team Championships. Maybe I would if these girls could actually wrestle and it was the Women's Championship. And as for the Tag Team Titles... let's just not talk about it.

    And this isn't a super-serious ...

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  6. Re-booking history: Kane vs Rey Mysterio in 2008

    Hey blog-readers! Whelp, its another original edition of re-booking history and I'm totally excited for this topic! Today, the angle I'll be re-booking is Kane vs Rey Mysterio in 2008 which I thought had a lot of potential of being a big storyline for both Kane and Rey Mysterio but it just became another filler match for both wrestlers. Like always, I'll be putting my spin on things, going step by ...

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  7. Is CM Punk The Biggest Hypocrite in Prowrestling?

    First off I like to say Iam a admire of CM Punks work, I Love his in ring ability's and I think his promos (Before becoming John Cena's mini me on the mic) were Stellar and some of the better prowrestling promos I have ever seen. But I really believe CM Punk is one of the most Hypocritical people in entertainment today.

    Lets look at the whole Chris Brown Twitter war going on... CM Punk ...

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  8. OO: Ozfan's Opinion - Over The Limit 2012 Predictions

    Hey everyone. I haven't had a chance to post the next part of the TOP 30 FINISHERS IN WWE TODAY because I have been on holidays. But I am back and will post the next part in the next couple of days. For now, here's my predictions for Over The Limit this weekend.

    [B]WWE Championship
    CM Punk (c) vs. Daniel Bryan
    For the third time in WWE, CM Punk squares off with ...
  9. Scott Steiner vs Hogan/Bischoff Twitter War.

    Dear EWN Readers.

    Once again I decided to put my fingers to the keyboard, and write up a nice blog for you all. If you read my last blog, I explained all the good and bad facts about John Cena, in a completely non biased way. I got many compliments for that and I am grateful.

    If you are a wrestling fan, you may have noticed Impact Wrestling has had a lot of negativity ...

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  10. MY DREAM WWE DRAFT for 2012

    Hello guys! Every year,we are waiting for one of much awaited event in WWE history, the WWE Draft. And i wanna tell to anyone what's my dream draft for this year...

    From RAW drafted to SmackDown

    The Miz -
    SD needs a top heel for midcard and i know he fits for this role

    Kane -
    since Lord Tensai is the monster of RAW Brand and Mark Henry is injured,let him bring ...

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