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  1. Top 10 moments in WCW Nitro history

    I did both Raw and Smackdown top 10 good and bad moments. Now it is WCW Monday Nitro's turn. I'd like to start on the positive end first when dicussing WCW. Give it some love after growing up watching it. This list is bad on my opinion as always. Some forget, agree or disagree....let us show love to WCW Nitro. This is not WCW history....just WCW Nitro history.

    1.Goldberg wins WCW title ...
  2. The Resh says...

    Ladies and gentleman, boys and girls, children of all ages, welcome to the inaugural blog, the beginning of an era. Welcome to "The Resh says:"

    For starters, The Resh says...I don't know why I'm seeing all of these regulars in the blog world are deciding to hang it up. I just read one is quitting because it is becoming to flooded with top 10 lists, repetitive complaints, and
  3. SID: The Man Who Rules The World

    This is the Great Blueski blog. And this time I’m going to talk about but the man who rules the world (as the title of the blog probably already gave away lol)... SID!!!

    So I was watching old tapes the other day and I came across Wrestlemania 8. We’re talking the golden era of the Great Blueski’s childhood here. The double main event Savage vs Flair for the gold and Sid vs Hogan ...
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  4. How to Regain a Loyal Fan - Pt 8 What's my Worth?

    Let me set this blogs tone. I wrote this before taking my vacation this year. Slammiversary live was EPIC! I didn’t see the show through the big screen yet, so let me know how the show came across to those who bought it, or watched it online. I can tell you from being in the crowd; it was pure energy from the Joe/Aries match until Sting demolished Roode to end the show. Now, to the blog –
  5. Completely Out Of Character

    Hello again people, I have decided to write up another blog about a topic that has bothered me for so long so I thought I would do it since I have some free time on my hands.

    My last blog which I wrote the other day was about fans hardly ever being listened to but that was the least of my thoughts compared to this one. The topic in question is the lack of "larger than life" ...
  6. 10 WWE & TNA Stars with HUGE Potential

    Hey guys Knox here hoping all is well with the EWN & IWC Universe. Today I wanna talk about 10 WWE & TNA stars with huge breakout potential. Now this list will not include any former World Heavyweight Champions so no Ziggler, Del Rio or Miz. This list will also not include the obvious names like Wade Barrett, Drew McCintyre & Cody Rhodes because we all know how good they are. I wanna ...
  7. How I'd Book Summerslam 2012...

    Summerslam 2012 is quickly approaching now (well it sort of is) and in this blog I’ll be booking the rest of Summerslam which will obviously involve my MITB predictions as well.

    MITB Match Winners - Wwe Championship MITB Contract - Kane
    World Heavyweight Championship – Dolph Ziggler (don’t have him cash it in until he’s turned fully ...

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  8. STATE OF THE 'E: The End Of The Road

    Well, well, well... we've come to that point. Haven't we? Let me first start by saying that this is my final blog on eWN. Yes, I said it rather bluntly but, that's realistically the only way I could say it. I just would like to thank everyone who's followed me from the beginning or might have forgotten about me or anything of that nature.

    It was because of you guys that I did this. ...
  9. Alternative Universe 1 - The non Hogan Wrestlemania IX ending

    Hello folks, a quick introduction to my blog (which hopefully if goes well, will be the first of many...or drop of the face of the earth if not). This is an extended 'What If...?' blog were I take a moment or incident in WWF history and if things went slightly different, how would they possibly play out. It's a little bit of fantasy but I do try and keep realistic to what was going on at the time. ...
  10. You Will Get What Your Given

    Hello again readers of ewrestling. After my last blog "Digital Era Killed The Pay Per View Star Part 2" and watching some wwe and tna shows I have been pretty much compelled to write up another blog on my thoughts on how wwe seems to not give much of a crap about what their fans want and how atleast tna seems to be trying.

    I will start off by saying this isnt a hate filled ...

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