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  1. Yes! Yes! Yes! The Raw Review (#YYYTRR)

    Night of Champions Recap

    After the disaster of SummerSlam, Night of Champions was a big improvement. Pretty much every match was worthy of pay-per-view (let’s just ignore the Zack Ryder v. Antonio Cesaro match; once again I watched purely for Aksana), and despite its poor ending the CM Punk v. John Cena WWE Championship match was one of the best encounters between the two (it had nothing ...
  2. The Royal Ramble: The WWE Continues to Drop the Ball!

    Before I begin, I wanted to say a few things concerning this blog. These are my personal opinions and everyone else is entitled to their opinion as well in the comment section below. I might say a few things during this that a lot of people probably won't agree with but to be quite honest, is that going to bother me? Hell no! Give me your thoughts at the end and let's spark a few things. Now let's ...
  3. Night Of Champions Review, and where to go from here

    Hi fellow EWN'ers, what's up? Enjoyed NOC? I guess you did because that was one hell of a show. I wonder why it's considered a B-class PPV, the idea of all championships being defended sounds fantastic, and this year's event lived up to (well, exceeded, for that matter) my expectations. This is how I felt about the matches, and what I think should happen going forward from here:

    Pre-show ...
  4. Booker E': Booking Night of Champions

    After my abysmal performance predicting Summerslam, I'm hoping to do better at NOC. The format: I will list the matches, in no particular order, and give what I think the result will be, and what I think the WWE bookers will do. I will explain my reasoning for both. Respond with your own opinions, agree or disagree, say something.

    Pre-Show and Singles Match
    Battle Royal for #1
  5. Jericho isn't in the same league as Austin or Rock!!

    Why do I make this blog? Well, my 2 favorite superstars of all-time is Rock and Austin. Some people actually believe Jericho is in the league of Rock and Austin which I believe is a joke. I made posts on forums where I named Jericho over-rated just because of it. No chance Jericho is in their league. Points used against me is he beat them both on the same night. Who gives a crap? That doesn't make ...
  6. The Way I See It - Top 5 WWE-to-TNA Wrestlers

    Hello, again. I'm going to do something a bit different this week. Instead of touching on the current happenings in TNA wrestling, I'm going to do a top five list. My list is going to revolve around the top five wrestlers that have jumped ship from the WWE to TNA. Now, I understand that a simple idea such as this can have many loopholes, so allow me to fix them:

    1.) I'm not including ...
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    Thoughts and Opinions
  7. The ability to draw: Taking risks and opportunities

    In the awe-inspiring world of professional wrestling, the wrestling business strives off of having the desire to succeed. It's something that's separates the wrestlers who are in this business for the love and respect of it to the wrestlers who use wrestling as a stepping-stone to achieve another career in entertainment (this isn't a shot at The Rock but at wrestlers who don't have a care for the ...

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  8. From Something to Nothing: Swagger, McIntyre, Morrison, More!

    In this blog, I will be talking about the superstars in WWE who were really something at one point and then just dropped to nothing. Superstars who won the Intercontinental title and now are rarely seen. Won the world heavyweight title and just lose week in and week out.

    Jack Swagger- I remember watching the build up to Wrestlemania (I can't remember which one) but boy did it suck. Jack ...

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    Thoughts and Opinions
  9. What If: Wade Barrett

    Hey guys! Here's the 2nd blog to the series "What If." Today I'll be doing the blog with The Great One, glad to have him on here. We're going to be talking about Wade Barrett today and just giving a lot of thought on what would've happen if Barrett won the WWE Championship at Survivor Series. Let's get started!


    Orton, Barrett, & Cena

    Angle: ...
  10. Top Ten Legendary Finishers

    Mikey A here again. My first blog was the top ten finishers in wrestling right now and some people did not understand what right now means so I will make a list of Legendary finishers.

    10. Undertaker Chokeslam-To me the chokeslam is a fantastic move. Used by Kane, Big Show, Marcus CorVon, and sadly The Hurricane. But the best Chokeslam is The Undertaker's because he lifts him in the air ...

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