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  1. Wrestle Ramble1: WrestleMania Main Event

    First of all, this is my first blog. I’m planning on making this a series, with at least three entries planned so far (the content of which, surprisingly, came to my as I was lying in bed last night trying to sleep and failing miserably). The name Wrestle Ramble is basically a warning, because at times I may tend to ramble a little, or wander off on tangents (as my thoughts did last night) as I ...

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  2. WWE, TNA, and ROH Slammy awards!!

    I decided before WWE even announced the return of the Slammy's that I would be giving away my slammy's this year. I'm not going to give you some of the garbage categories such as #, LOL, among others. Just to the point of giving praise where it is due. This isn't just for WWE. This Slammy awards blog is giving out awards to all 3 companies: ROH, TNA, and WWE. Note: The one named 1st got the award ...
  3. Stop Giving Us The Same Matches Over and Over, WWE!

    Hey bloggers,

    I got a bone to pick with WWE. I'm usually not one to lose my cool on things related to TV entertainment and I usually tolerate a lot of the crap most fans hate. However, one thing that's been frustrating me is what seems to be WWE's obssession of giving us the same damn matches over and over again. And not just the same matches; its the same match, with the same outcome,

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  4. First Edition of KimoTherapy: Dean Ambrose and The Shield

    Hello and thank you for reading my 1st edition of KimoTherapy. I want to use this and future entries to voice my opinion on specific wrestlers and storylines going on in the E.

    I'd like to use this first edition of KimoTherapy to discuss Dean Ambroses' character as well as The Shield and their booking.

    First Dean Ambrose, I know i'm not the only one who watches his character ...

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  5. Yes! Yes! Yes! The Raw Review (#YYYTRR)

    So that’s what an episode of Raw looks like when its central focus isn’t on the, now injured, WWE Champion CM Punk.

    I have to say that after last week I was expecting something a little bigger than a riot to close the final Raw heading into TLC: Tables, Ladders, Chairs. I was hoping The Shield would one-up their opponents for Sunday, but with Punk injured WWE had to shed light on more ...
  6. WWE: 2012 in Review. Part 1.

    Your all probably wondering why i'm writing an annual review of the WWE when we still have one major PPV to go and a certain briefcase still in hand. The reason is I feel it's the way WWE go about things (see Greatest Pay Per View Matches 2012) so I thought i'd go by that. Instead of sub-heading by Month i'm going to do it via Pay Per View. I feel it will have a more familiar feel to it. So here we ...

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  7. CM Punk As A Heel

    How yall doing bloggers? This is Cross back in action coming live off my toilet seat. Hey, when a man has to go, he has to go. Regardless of what lie I just told I wanted to start this off with a quote that I saw in the wrestling forums which I thought was really good.

    "CM Punk's character change, wrestling-wise, makes no sense. He was beating top contenders clean for 6+ months,

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  8. The Splash: My Thoughts on TNA’s Final Resolution

    Welcome Back Splashers! I've been busy for the past week putting up Hardcore Wrestling Radio's new Facebook page. There you can listen to previous shows, find out what we are going to talk about in up and coming shows, and much more! alright enough of the plugging and on with the splashing!

    Final resolution opens up with Cowboy James Storm walking to the ring. He Stated that he was not ...
  9. WM 29: An Attempt At A Realistic Booking.

    Hi, this blog will be my booking of Wrestlemania 29; I have tried to make it as realistic as possible whilst still having good matches, hope you'll enjoy!


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  10. Jason's Thoughts: Final Resolution 2012

    Kaz vs James Storm
    The mic work between the two before the match was pretty entertaining and when the match itself happened there was tons of awesome moves. I was very into what the two were doing and it was a great way to open the show.
    Rating: 3/5 stars

    RVD vs Kenny King (X Divison title match)
    Great match i was at the edge of my seat,tons of action and felt like a ...

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