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  1. WWE vs. TNA. Like Ruth's Chris vs. Huddle House, not that Huddle House is bad, but..

    The title of this post is not original. As a former radio boss once told me, 99-percent of great ideas are stolen, and the title was sto..., errr, borrowed from a Tweet posted by the best wrestling announcer not calling matches right now, Joey Styles (well, the best announcer not calling matches until halfway through this week's Raw, anyway.) It took me until the last week or so to discover for ...
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  2. BFG predictions thoughts and hopes

    Ok well I,m away and have no internet connection so I can't post this on Saturday like I,m doing for all tna and wwe ppvs now but today will do. So This is my first of a series of blogs as I said I will post for both TNA and WWE. I will put Each match highlighted in bold then say my thoughts hopes and predictions,ok so lets start
    Knockouts championship match winter vs mickie james vs madison ...
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  3. Whats up with the WWE copying TNA

    Whats up with the WWE copying TNA with their production? With all the "paparazzi" type of shit with cameras following wrestlers with questions and making it seem more of a reality show. Since Hogan/Bishoff debut in TNA, they brought in that concept while the WWE used their obvious, pre-orchestrated, traditional interviews and skits. Before, everything was more hokey and predictable in the ...
  4. The story of JoMo: Should He Stay or Should He GO?

    Hi Splashers, let’s get splashin!

    Over the past few blogs or so, I have quickly mentioned John Morrison's rapidly declining career in the WWE. I thought now would be a good time to do a whole blog on him. Let’s take a look back at the man called “JoMo”.

    John Morrison had ...

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  5. The E report

    So I have been in this forum for a while now I normally post comments and read blogs (must shout out some great bloggers Knox, The Crippler, Rick Starr I know I have forgotten some but will give them a shout out next time). I have decided to write a blog and see if I garner any feedback. It's my first blog and I am going to talk about some of the things that have been going on in the WWE.
  6. John Morrison: WWE, TNA or Neither?

    Hey guys Knox here, hope all is well folks. I'm blogging on John Morrison today. There's been talks that either he or the WWE aren't interested in renegotiating a new contract. I gotta give my take on this.

    Personally, I am Morrison's biggest fan but his biggest critic at the same time. I want this damn guy to do good. Since when have you seen someone that's as talented as he is ...
  7. Bound For Glory and Wrestlemania

    Since this Sunday is TNAs biggest PPV of the year..... I want to look at the card and compare it to Wrestlemania and even last years Bound For Glory PPV....

    One thing TNA has done right has built the pay per view with matches advertised.. From the World title Roode vs Angle, Hogan vs Sting for control of the company, The Knockouts Title match Winter vs Velvet Sky vs Mickie James vs ...
  8. Could it get much worse?

    After months of watching the WWE with hope that it would get better; after months of defending the WWE against an infinite number of haters; after months of picking and highlighting the good things the WWE has been doing, I may be coming to terms with the fact that the WWE really is quite bad.

    8 days ago I witnessed live on my TV what I thought would be a huge turning point for the ...
  9. Wrestlemania 20..HHH vs HBK vs Chris Benoit.. What that Match Means to me

    Ok, This is a Blog about what I still conider a classic, The Wrestlemania 20 main event Tripple Threat between HHH, Shawn Michaels and Chris Benoit.

    Lets start off from the begining....
    It was 1995, It was Summer time i was 12 year old and I just bought my first weight set. It was Saturday after noon and I wanted to watch wrestling to motivate me while I work out, Now I was a ...

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  10. Wrestlings 5 Top Actors And Worst

    After Seeing Rick Starrs Brilliant Blog i thought i would give you all my thoughts and opinions on my Top 5 Actors who went from Wrestling To The Big Screen! and my reasons why! So without further a do here we go!



    Why?-Looney Tunes Back I Action!! only kidding when it comes to acting i think you need a certain character which i dont think ...

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