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  1. Renevious is Back...and He's Pissed

    What's up guys? Renevious here again, back after a little bit of a hiatus from the blog scene. The truth is, aside from just being generally busy, I haven't really been inspired to write about any specific topic in a while. Maybe I just got a little complacent doing the WBC blogs and having Bearkg88 spoon feed me stuff to write about that I lost sight of my own stuff. Anyway, I'm back now, and there's ...
  2. WWE's Best Rivalries in the PG Era.

    Hello all, Rob here again, and this time I'm going to be listing my opinionated top 5 list of the most personal rivalires, and storylines taking place in the PG Era. I cannot stress the "opinionated" part enough.

    5. Punk Pipe-Bomb Heard Round The World
    Everyone should remember this for years to come. Punk's shoot on the McMahons, John Cena, and The Rock catapaulted him ...
  3. Yes! Yes! Yes! The Raw Review (#YYYTRR)

    Anybody who follows my Twitter account will know two things – I was especially active on social media last night, and I really enjoyed Raw. Michael Cole must be really proud of me…

    The reason I enjoyed Raw last night was not the same as most people would have, Paul Heyman’s appearance in the closing seconds. Rather, I enjoyed Raw last night because it had a strong opening segment and ...
  4. How to Produce and Direct an episode of RAW

    I have zero experience producing, directing or promoting a product that consists of a professional wrestling TV program. That said - I have to seriously question whether or not anyone working for the WWE who does produce & direct these RAW shows has anymore experience than I do.

    I will admit that I only watched the first 10 mins. of RAW and the last 15 mins... So I can't speak ...
  5. WWE Promo's: Attitude Era

    What makes a good WWE promo video. Simple, 1. Drama by the bucketfull, 2. Music Selection, and 3. creative technique. Add in the secret ingredient, make even the non plussed fan completely excited to see the match.

    I'm looking forward to my first blog. I like doing lists. I like them a lot. My favourite thing about WWE is definitely promo vid's, hell, I'm doing a film editing course and ...
  6. WWE: Missed Opportunities Segment 2

    Hello everybody, hope all is well. I am bringing you segement 2 of this blog series. Now I wanted to do something fresh and not just relate this one alot to my last one on tag teams. So I am going to do Missed Opportunities dealing with the United States Championship. Here we go:

    Alex Riley
    When Alex Riley finally turned on the Miz, nearly everyone jumped on this guy's bandwagon.

    Updated 09-03-2012 at 06:58 PM by Cross

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  7. The Way I See It - Why Team 3D Should Stay in TNA

    I have another TNA oriented blog for all of you to enjoy! This week, I'm going to touch on why I think Bully Ray and Devon should stay in TNA wrestling. I hope you guys enjoy!


    As far as I know, Team 3D has yet to renew their contracts with TNA. If they have already renewed, then this blog is meaningless. If they haven't, they need to sit back and consider the situation ...
  8. Silly Brit: WWE 50 Greatest Finishers DVD Review

    Hey there!

    Apologies for the lack of blog or general activity, I was making my way back from Tulsa, Oklahoma on a long holiday back to sunny old England and then back off to Devon! Been busy but I'm here. And rather angry it might be said.

    WWE released the kinda-anticipated 'WWE 50 Greatest Finishing Moves' DVD: a collection of the best finishers, as voted for ...
  9. How to Regain a Loyal Fan - Pt X

    Raw is now 3 hours each week. Unfortunately it has more time spent in commercial break than it does on action in the ring. The thing that gets me is that I don’t understand how people can still call WWE a “wrestling program”. To me, WWE (minus NXT and FCW) is what I have been trying to distance myself from for the majority of my wrestling fandom; A Male Soap Opera. I love the, to quote Shane Douglas, ...
  10. WWE RAW 8/27 Ratings Breakdown ~ The Deluxe Lounge

    Attachment 2996

    Apologies for missing the previous ratings breakdown but I promise I will try to get these out to you more. But enough of that, you want NUMBERS and OPINIONS. So here it is. Enjoy.

    The August 27th WWE RAW did a 3.1 rating with 4.48 million viewers.

    No ratings for the opening segment involving CM Punk and Jerry The King Lawler. Personally, ...
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