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  1. Yes! Yes! Yes! The Raw Review (#YYYTRR)

    You know those episodes of Raw or SmackDown when nothing truly poignant happens, but you still enjoy it? That’s what this week’s Raw was to me. Obviously you can find the bad in a show with not much happening (such as having Alicia Fox fall victim to the rejuvenated Tamina Snuka – seriously, why is Fox still employed by WWE?), but this week I expected not much to happen.

    The simple ...
  2. The way to Make WWE watchable again

    Everyone knows WWE isn't going anywhere but that doesn't mean the product they are producing is good, It is watchable & somewhat entertaining but it is so boring & repetitive sometimes or most of the time that it's getting people who have followed wrestling their whole lives to not be interested. And yes I know as long as they get kids into the product they will be successful but there are ...

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  3. Why the Attitude Era wouldn't work now (No matter how much you think it will)

    WWE(F) has had millions of fans and these fans have seen the many different eras the E' has gone through, depending on the age of the fan of course. Between the WWWF in the 60s and 70s, to just the WWF of the 80s, mostly molded by characters and gimmicks than wrestling, to the Attitude Era of the 90s, Ruthless Agression for the early and mid 2000s, to where we are now with the PG era. But no era is ...
  4. How, why, and the effects of the Montreal Screwjob

    It is in my opinion, the best and worst moment in history of Survivor Series. The moment in 97, people are still talking about to this day. Decided to dedicate a blog of breaking down how, why, and try to explain the effects of Montreal Screwjob based on my opinion. This moment didn't just effect Bret, Vince, & also had an effect on the wrestling world.
    Why it happened:

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  5. Booking Your WrestleMania Card

    OK. After seeing a few fantasy match cards, allow me to remind or educate you on WWE WrestleMania logic. Now, every year, WWE puts on the "Biggest show of the year", "The Grandest stage of them all," "The Pinnacle of Sports Entertainment"....WrestleMania, and we watch in anticipation of what's gonna happen, and every year, they give us something to cheer about, and talk ...

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    Thoughts and Opinions
  6. The ability to draw: Cheesiness in wrestling

    The reason I created this blog was to talk about cheesy gimmicks and storylines in professional wrestling being an ability to draw believe it or not. Another reason I made this blog is because of everyone talking about Johnny Curtis' new Fandango and how much of a flop it'll be because of how cheesy and ridiculous it is which goes right along with the purpose of ...

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  7. Jason's Thoughts : TNA OFN 11/22/12

    Gutcheck : Garret Bishcoff vs Wes Brisco
    This was a pretty good match with some back and forth aswell as technical and fast paced wrestling.
    Rating: 3 stars

    Joey Ryan vs Chavo Guerrero
    This was a good match I was very into it when Morgan interfered
    Rating: 3 stars

    Alex Silva vs Sam Shaw
    Good match, they both played their characters well in the ...
  8. What really grinds my gears? Episode 6 - Suspension of Disbelief

    "So I'm sat there with my beer... watching the wrestling in my local bar... and some dude comes up to me and says... 'You know wrestling is fake right?'. I turn my head to look at this guy in the face... and I think to myself... Does he think I am incredibly stupid, or is it just him who is incredibly stupid?

    So I tell him 'Yes, of course I do,

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  9. WWE RAW 11/19 Ratings Breakdown ~ The Deluxe Lounge

    Attachment 3551

    Yet another bad week in ratings for WWE. The company seems to be stuck in this revolving circle of below average ratings this time a year. This isn't a good sign at all. Until something is done to make the product interesting again, the numbers will continue to drop below average. Let's be honest. Was this RAW a bad show? Not necessarily, but it wasn't eventful ...
  10. The Splash: My Thoughts on RAW gloing to 3 hours

    What’s up Splashers! I’ve noticed a couple of people have been writing about RAW, and how they feel about the 3 hour lineup that started on the 1000th episode. To be honest with you I’m still not sold the idea myself. I’ve been watching RAW each week, and I’m trying to find out what exactly does ...
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