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  1. How to Regain a Loyal Fan - Pt X

    Raw is now 3 hours each week. Unfortunately it has more time spent in commercial break than it does on action in the ring. The thing that gets me is that I don’t understand how people can still call WWE a “wrestling program”. To me, WWE (minus NXT and FCW) is what I have been trying to distance myself from for the majority of my wrestling fandom; A Male Soap Opera. I love the, to quote Shane Douglas, ...
  2. WWE RAW 8/27 Ratings Breakdown ~ The Deluxe Lounge

    Attachment 2996

    Apologies for missing the previous ratings breakdown but I promise I will try to get these out to you more. But enough of that, you want NUMBERS and OPINIONS. So here it is. Enjoy.

    The August 27th WWE RAW did a 3.1 rating with 4.48 million viewers.

    No ratings for the opening segment involving CM Punk and Jerry The King Lawler. Personally, ...
  3. Speculation on The Beautiful People (Continued)

    I'm back.

    And I know. I didn't want to make a second post about them, but there seemed to be so much that went on in such a short amount of time. I feel that I could jinx it all and a big swerve could happen as soon as I send this, but this all seems pretty unusual. Lauren, Jamie, if some fan happens to lead you here, please disregard and do not respond in any way if you want your motives ...

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    Thoughts and Opinions
  4. 10 Ideas the WWE should Consider

    Okay so the other day I read a blog post written by Callum entitled, “WWE: Future Champions” (Link Here). This article highlighted some WWE stars that the author felt should be future WWE champions and he outlines some good reasons as to why he picked the people he chose. In reading this blog, I found myself agreeing with some of his points as to some future WWE talent that should get some shine as ...
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  5. The Wrestling Backfire: The Major Problems With Summerslam

    On March 31st, 1985, the WWF took their biggest gamble ever: Wrestlemania 1. If it failed, chances are the company would have gone out of business. Despite what WWE wants their fans to presume, there was a “Grand Daddy Of Them All” before Wrestlemania called Starrcade. It was a Jim Crockett Promotions’ pay-per-view to blow off the biggest feuds in the company. In contrast to Starrcade, the WWF
  6. The Splash: One More Match?

    Hey Splashers, I’ve been gone for awhile taking care of some things, but now I’m back, and I got plenty on my mind! I’m gonna start right off by ripping into the WWE and their ongoing nostalgia kick.

    The WWE has been big on bringing back names like The Rock, and Brock Lesnar ...

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  7. Break It Down:SummerSlam, Aces & Eights, and Much More

    Hey wrestling fans. DK Wrestling Savior along with Bearkg with another installment of….


    We got some good topics this week. Hope you enjoy.
    1. Rate SummerSlam with good, bad, and overall

    Bearkg. For me, Summerslam was interesting. I'll go right into the good and bad.

    Chris Jericho ...
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  8. Yes! Yes! Yes! The Raw Review (#YYYTRR)

    SummerSlam recap

    Last week I labelled the end of Raw as a disaster. I should have known that it was just a precursor to what would be the worst SummerSlam I have ever seen. If you ignore the fact that Punk retained, Jericho finally won a match on PPV in 2012, and Santino lost his United States Championship on the pre-show, WWE really dropped the ball here.

    Every ...
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  9. My Projected Night of Champions card


    With the silver anniversary of SummerSlam now in the books, the next WWE pay-per-view Night of Champions will be taking place at the TD Garden in Boston, Massachusetts on Sunday, September 16th.

    And so without further delay, here is my projected Night of Champions card.


    I expect ...
  10. Wrestlemania 30 And What WWE Could Be Building Toward

    As if it could not already be stated enough, John Cena is this generations Hulk Hogan. Wins most of his matches, sells the most merchandise in the company, and is the "Poster-Boy" of the company.
    How Cena and Hogan Came To Be

    In January of 1984 at Madison Square Garden, Hulk Hogan knocked off The Iron Sheik to become the then WWF Champion. Afterward, the world was ...
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