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  1. Random Thoughts: August 1st Mystery Revealed...sadly.

    So this is it. August 1st has arrived. The big August 1st mystery shall be revealed tonight. MY problem with it...I really don’t care. I expect to be disappointed by this surprise. I haven’t been following the hype. I’m more so interested in Sabin/Bully build up which I’m sure will take a backseat to this crap tonight. But hey, maybe TNA will completely wow me tonight.


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  2. Random Thoughts: Impact Wrestling 7-25-13

    Well it’s been a while. Sorry, between work and internet porn, I’ve had distractions. But that doesn’t mean that I’ve kept out of the loop. Actually I’ve been very interested in TNA, who I believe has been on a streak of putting on some pretty damn good quality shows as of late. A shame that TNA will probably be brought down in a year by terrible upper management, but that’s a story ...
  3. The State of Pro Wrestling As We Know It

    Professional wrestling has changed since the days of Gorgeous George and his luxurious robe first set foot in the wrestling ring some seventy years ago. Promotions such as the WWE, TNA, Ring of Honor as well as the defunct WCW have lit up the TV screens ever since, but where does each company stand today?

    And so without further delay, here's a look at the top three pro wrestling promotions ...

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  4. Sudden Impact Special: TNA's Cost-Cutting Measures

    Hey fans. Savior here with a special edition of Sudden Impact. No jokes, no cheapshots at the other company. This is actually sad. TNA is cutting down their roster and as the list stands from the latest update according to this website, Christian York and Joey Ryan have just joined Sam Shaw, Taelor Hendrix, and Madison Rayne as notable that have been released. I've got the website up on another screen ...
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  5. Superstar Hulk Hogan: "You want to love Hogan, but he gives me every reason not to "

    Hogan ended by saying “whatcha gonna do when TNA and all the Hulkamaniacs become number one wrestling company in the world and run wild on you!” That is how Hogan ended his first promo inside a TNA ring. Hogan is probably the most well known wrestler in the world. Non-wrestling fans know who the man is. A lot of people dub him the greatest of all-time comparisons such as the MJ or Babe Ruth of pro ...

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  6. Booking Challenge: WWE MITB/TNA BFG series 2013

    For the first time ever, WWE/TNA joint booking challenge! I decided to do it this way because when looking at MITB, only two people will win this year. I just state the two which would likely be 3 paragraphs total (including opening). I decided to add TNA's BFG series which consists of 12 participants. Winner faces TNA world champion at Bound For Glory(TNA's Wrestlemania). Instead of getting into ...

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  7. The IWC Shouldn't Be A Place Where Great Ideas Die...

    It’s been a while since I wrote on the How to Regain a Loyal Fan series. Being that I am OCD of sorts, I don’t like the idea of leaving this unfinished. However, I made a bit of an error in my 12 critical points and even writing the title to this blog made me cringe a bit. If you want to know what they are, simply follow the links to my other blogs to understand what I laid out over a year ago. ...

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  8. WWE's eyes and ours.

    Hey peeps and meeps, I'm FellaMeep and I'm here to talk about how the WWE see's wrestling and their talent, as well as how WE the watcher see's them.

    Now this is gonna be a kinda brief blog, I hope you accept my opinions on it and I hope you enjoy the read. Thanks for reading

    So right now, as far as I see, People be hating on WWE for things that we feel is not right. A ...
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  9. Sudden Impact: Coming Home to Slammiversary

    Hey wrestling fans. It's been a long time but DK Savior is back with another edition of Sudden Impact. This week was the coming home show to Slammiversary. And this show had everything that most coming home shows should have. Mixed tag matches involving participants from two of the matches, a 4 on 4 tag match with all teams involved in the elimination tag title match, a tag team match with two sets ...
  10. BULLY RAY VS. STING: Their Feud & The Future Title Picture

    So you’ve chosen to read this blog. Thank you :-) This is my first blog, it started off as a comment on the blog ‘Top 10 moments: TNA Slammiversary’ by TheGreatOne, then was going to be a forum post until it reached level 36 and evolved into this Charizard of a blog. I would like to personally thank TheGreatOne for that trip down memory lane. On an unrelated side note for as many great Slammiversary ...
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