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  1. What did we just See: Wrestlings Bizzare Exports

    Wrestling has given us moments with cringe factor, left us thinking how can people endour such pain, left us begging for more, but the things that stick out are the things that make you say: Why is this happening? Who comes up with this? What was the point? So let us explore the oddest things wrestling has forced us to sit through (don't worry, I have a point with this).

    5. Gimmick Matches ...
  2. Great Things About Wrestling Episode 1

    Hello everybody, Mania is very very close and things are getting exciting. Do you know what I never see, I never see any blogs about things that people love about wrestling. There's lots of analysis, opinion and so on, but a lot of it is written in a forlorn kind of way. I'm not a fan of Tna by any means, but watching some random episode tonight has reminded me of the things I, and I believe the vast ...

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  3. Thoughts about Lord Tensai

    I think Lord Tensai is the destructive force the WWE needs right about now, he would add power to the WWE as well as bring in some Japanese style wrestling that he has picked up over the last few years.

    So as many people already know and have figured out, Tensai is in fact former WWE wrestler A-Train/Albert. When A-Train was in the WWE he was a dominating force but I always ...

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  4. The Rock vs John Cena; More then just a match.

    So we ALL know it’s going to happen, the video packages, the satellite promo’s, the live promos everything. It seems like most of raw is used to hype up The Rock vs John Cena match at Wrestlemania, which to me… is fair enough. However, as a fan of WWE and TNA, does this match really deserve all the hype it’s getting? Yes. Yes it does.

    I come from England, and live in Newcastle. ...
  5. Attitude Era vs 'PG' Era


    Hi Everyone, I've been reading loads of blogs on the site for a while now and always like to find out others' opinions, but there's one thing I feel a lot of people are missing out on, so I've decided to write my first ever blog and cover the issue that's nagging at me.

    People have been talking about when HHH and HBK were in the ring together ...

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  6. Top 10 Funniest Matches in Wrestling History

    What makes wrestling so entertaining? Well, for me, it's how it can make me laugh. It's becoming rarer and rarer these days - but when wrestling is funny it's about the hardest I'll laugh at anything. What makes a match funny? It could be any number of things. Sometimes a match is meant to be funny, sometimes it's not. Perhaps the managers or commentators will add something. Ideally it's a mixture ...

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  7. Wrestling Revolution! (CM Punk Inspired)

    Now im going to start off saying we all know by now that CM punks Work/Shoot has shaken up things in the wrestling community. That Promo on Raw last week was with out of doubt some of the best Television we have seen on a wrestling show in quite some time, and it was only a 6 min segment at the end of RAW.

    Is there anyone out like me who is tired of the Bullshit that goes on in the ...
  8. Current WWE vs WWF

    This is gonna be my first official post here, the names Mike Madness and I just wanted to get your opinion on a few things.

    A lot of people bash the current WWE and in my opinion they have a good right to. Most people when bashing the WWE will turn to the Attitude Era as the way wrestling use to be, and should still be. Like many here, I have been a wrestling fan through the Attitude ...

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  9. The Importance of Pacing

    Pretty much anybody who has participated in organized sports at any level can attest to the importance of setting a pace. Too much adrenaline or aggression and you will burn yourself out too quickly; too much patience or hesitation and you waste valuable time and can end up costing yourself vital opportunities. This logic applies as much (if not more so) to wrestling.

    We have all seen ...
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  10. Royal Rumble: Disappointment of the Century!

    I attended the 2011 Royal Rumble in Boston, Massachusetts. The last time I was in Boston it was for the 900th episode of RAW and that show was horrible.

    I had higher hopes for Royal Rumble, which is usually the best PPV of the year besides Wrestlemania.
    Ok, first of all you cant have a WWE Champion that can't win a match either on his own or clean. The Miz keeps talking about ...
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