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  1. US Wrestling promotions as seen by a baseball fan

    This blog is going to look at US wrestling through the prism of a baseball fan. I've been a fan of both for as long as I can remember. I've been to events from both that run from the pinnacle(WWE and MLB) to the lower levels(Indy wrestling shows and Minor League and Independent League baseball). Each level has their own style and is run in a different fashion.

    The Independent Level ...
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  2. The Main Event @ Survivor Series....Place Your Bets Please!

    Survivor Series Main Event

    Ladies and germs how the hell are you!? It has been a while and I missed this damn website and all my wrestling mans init (British slang for “MY nerdizles homies”!!)

    Anyway let’s get straight to it. With Survivor Series coming up as the next BIG PPV I thought how cool would it be to give my irrelevant opinion on what I want the traditional ...
  3. Hell In A Cell Prediction Results!!

    Cracking result for me here. 1st place again. Cut Dennis's overall lead down to just 6 now! Come on!

    Many thanks to Cabers for doing these still. I did quite a few at the start of the year and no how long they take to calculate.
    Much appreciated
  4. Hulkamania reborn in the WWE?

    The world of professional wrestling seems like it changes more often than the jet stream of cold air in the Great Lakes every season, constantly shifting positions from one side of the map to the other. Storylines come and go, being adjusted along the way for various reasons, including, but not limited too, fan popularity or venue changes. Wrestlers also change promotions along the way
  5. Hell in a Cell: The Art of Timing

    This blog contains HiaC SPOILERS.

    It's been awhile since my last blog entry. It has less to do with a lack of material (I have around a dozen ideas I'd like to cover) and more of a lack of motivation. But after watching last nights Hell in a Cell ppv, I figured, "eh, why not." So here we go.

    Before I really get into it, I'd like to mention that I paid to watch ...

    Updated 10-28-2013 at 08:35 PM by Frank

  6. Dolph Ziggler: Has The Show Turned Off?

    So this week, I was thinking about one wrestler in particular, Dolph Ziggler. Now I will be the first to sit here and say I was one of those people who thought Dolph Ziggler was on the cusp of breaking out onto the main event scene, and once he did, he would stay at the top and be a star. I would have said that 6 months ago, now...not so much. Lets look at this year so far for Dolph Ziggler.
  7. Top 10 matches: Kurt Angle's career

    When you are known as a "Wrestling Machine" like Kurt Angle, you know it is going to be tough to make a top 10. A top 10 featuring his 10 best matches. 1 of the greatest in ring performers of all-time. I did moments first because the matches I believe would be harder. So I went back to the vault, looked at DVDs featuring the matches that are on the this list. We can argue back and forth ...

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  8. Can Anyone Convince Me Why.....

    ....Paige will make it on the main roster??? I have my doubts.

    For starters, she's English. American audiences are notoriously hesitant when it comes to deciding on how they feel about any wrestler not from North America. Think Cesaro, think ADR, think Sheamus, think Regal, think any Japanese wrestler. I'm going to go right ahead and say it, a lot of wrestling audiences need to be lead ...
  9. Sudden Impact Special: Was Something Different This Week?

    Hey fans. DK Wrestling Savior here with a special edition of Sudden Impact. I haven't posted in a while and it would seem a lot has happened. We had their Wrestlemania equivalent PPV this past Sunday, as well as a lot of developments such as Hogan leaving, cancelling Impact on the road, and a return to Universal in Orlando. There's a lot to talk about, so I'll give my thoughts on their attempt to ...
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  10. Wrestling with Me: TNA to the next level


    Just a quick blog documenting what TNA needs to do stay in business and more importantly excel. I've ran wrestling companies successfully so know what I'm talking about. In a nutshell TNA needs to raise profile and uncomplicate everything, this means sack all talent who don't fit into a directly division or benefit the company by just being there. This would be namely; Gunner, ...

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