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  1. The Missing Points: 1st Edition

    Welcome to the first edition of my new blog The Missing Points. My name is Marqus and for those that don't know I am a life long huge wrestling fan. I've bounced around this country searching for a dream and a career that I love. I recently came to the realization that wrestling is the only thing I've consistently loved my whole life and I needed to incorporate into my life more. My passion is ...
  2. Best Number One Contender Concept

    Hey wrestling fans. Savior here with a little time so I figured I'd shoot a blog out there. It's sort of random, as few of the titled concepts are really in play at the moment. I've come up with the top concepts right now that both TNA and WWE use to determine future title contenders. The four biggest concepts going right now are. The purpose of this blog is to get some conversation going as there ...
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  3. What really grinds my gears? Episode 4 - A New Hope, that Russo stays away forever

    "You know what really grinds my gears? That Vince Russo guy, why doesn't he get with the freaking program? It's called a wrestling show, not a badly written soap opera. Why do we need this guy to turn, and that guy to turn, and this girl to twist and turn like a twisty turny thing? It get's old, it's not big and it's not clever! I'm just sat here with my beer

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  4. A Note to Creative: Ways I'd Tweak WWE's Roster

    Here's my take one what to do with some of the current WWE roster who seem to be... not doing anything:

    Tyson Kidd & Evan Bourne
    Pair up Evan Bourne & Tyson Kidd as a heel tag team when Evan returns, managed by Paul Heyman. Have them start a rivalry with Sin Cara and Rey Mysterio Jr which ultimately has the two teams facing each other for the tag titles at WM.
  5. Sudden Impact: November 8, 2012: D.O.C. Makes His Presence Known

    Welcome all wrestling fans to this week’s edition of “Sudden Impact.” Where it is all Total Non-Stop Action, and no plagiarism from the Sports Entertainment Monopoly at Titan Towers. I’m T-Hughes35 filling in this week for the DK Wrestling Savior. Now let’s get down to business.
  6. Cena & The Rock versus Punk & Stone Cold at WM 2013

    To the point, here is my suggestion for the main event at WM:

    Rock and Cena versus CM Punk and Stone Cold
    Punk and Stone Cold win, but Undertaker shows up. He knocks out CM Punk post match and celebrates with Stone Cold -- and all the legends applaud The Undertaker's official retirement

    How Cena and Rock team up: Cena helps Rock after getting jumped by Punk at an earlier ...

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  7. What really grinds my gears? Episode 3 - Revenge of the Hulkamania.


    "Sigh, so it has come down to this. After so many years of watching wrestling, after watching so many great wrestlers, one of these guys just won't go away. I am talking about Mr Ego himself, the Red and Yellow Power Ranger, 'Thunderlips' in all his glory ... It can only be Mr Hulk 'Look at me I am still cool' Hogan.

    You would think that wrestling

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  8. Jason"s Thoughts: Impact Wrestling 11-8-12

    AJ v Roode with James Storm on commentary
    This was a great match that had good back and forth, high flying and mat wrestling as well as some good build up for AJ/Roode/Storm at Turning Point
    Rating : 4/5 ****

    Sting,Angle and Brisco Segment
    TIMING! TIMING! TIMING! This was a cool segment that really got me excited for whats happening at the end of the show
    Rating: ...
  9. WWE in Trouble? Current WWE Creativity & Survivor Srs 26

    Before I begin this entry, I would like to say that my thoughts and prayers continue to go out to the victims of Hurricane Sandy. Stay strong out there east coast, and if anyone wants to donate, you can log on to for more information.

    What is it about WWE? What is it with their product today? Why is it the way it is, and just what are they trying to accomplish? Well, ...

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  10. Booking Rey Mysterio(face) vs Sin Cara(heel) for WM 29

    Saving the best moments in Survivor Series history closer to the ppv. Idea just run through my head, thought I should blog about it and see what others think. I personally think it would be better for Rey Mysterio to be the one to say face because all the merch he has and the respect of the fans. Sin Cara is no where near the support of the fans that Rey has. Even the adult fans would pick Mysterio ...

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