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  1. Wrestlemania Preview and Predictions

    Wrestlemania is only a few days away now; the entire wrestling world revolves around this event and this particular time of year. You will not find better storylines and in some cases better matches than at Wrestlemania. At the Royal Rumble it was looking like it could be one of the weakest Wrestlemania’s for many years, however, the following two months produced some captivating television with ...
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  2. Countdown to Wrestlemania 27! (pt.3 of 3) FINALE

    Okay people Wrestlemania is now just 24 hours away. And so we come to the finale of our COUNTDOWN TO WRESTLEMANIA 27. This has been super fun to re watch some of these matches and to really put some thought and effort into all of this. SO without further ado the final installment of the count down.

    Wrestlemania 21 (2005)
    Kurt Angle vs. Shawn Michaels

    It's not very often ...
  3. The Streak is not the Undertaker!

    Okay, it's awesome that the Undertaker has a 18-0 streak. It's awesome to watch his matches at Wrestlemania (albeit knowing he'll win). And it's awesome to know that out of all wrestlers past/present Undertaker is the one wrestler that has been allowed to win every year in his career!

    PROBLEM: WWE seems to be starting to push the streak as what defines the Undertaker and his character? ...
  4. My top 10 list of greatest tag teams

    Hello to all of the wrestling fans out there. Hopefully this will be able to make it up to the blog section, as this is my second attempt to express my views on wrestling. I know I will get a lot of disagreements with my top 10 list but I still think that these teams represent what real tag teams should be like.

    1. Road Warriors
    They are the best hands down!!!! They worked so ...
  5. 5 Wrestlers that could Been the Best

    5)Lex Luger-The body and the mic skills but didn’t have a passion for wrestling others did. If Luger had been even a good wrestler he would have been near the top.

    (4)Big show-A great heel and a popular face. When he was younger he was one of the most agile big men in the history of wrestling but his weight kept going up and up. If he wrestled during the territories era he would have ...
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  6. WWE and TNA: The Cruiserweights

    This has probably been said before about WWE and cruiserweights but i'm hoping to come across from a different angle, so hear me out. I was just watching the rise and fall of WCW and i'm still on disc one (the bischoff section) and i realised the one reason why i loved WCW back in the day; Variety. They would have their main storylines but then they would showcase the luchadores because they drew ...
  7. Is John Cena Really Greater Than The Great One?

    Randy Orton said something interesting this past week on He said Cena would “own” The Rock. He said “…I think Cena is 10 times the performer in the ring that The Rock is. This Monday in Chicago, he’ll prove it.”

    Most of us scoffed at the idea. After all, John Cena is nowhere near the league of The Rock, that’s partially why we all hate him. But last Monday, John ...
  8. Finally!!!!!!............ ...............The Rock back in the title picture?

    Now I know this could be a long shot, but what if WWE wanted to really mix things up a little bit! And obviously if The Rock is willing to wrestle some matches, could we see The Great One recapture the gold?????

    After raw this week, I think it is clear The Rock is going to be involved a little more then just being the host at wrestlemania. Possibly a John Cena screw job or after John ...
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  9. Thought In Five Minutes: The Rock and Austin Passing on the Torch

    This year it seems Vince, despite trying to push younger talent, is still relying on the old blood to sell the year's biggest PPV. Whether it's HBK in the hall of fame, Austin as the special ref for Lawler vs. Cole, or The Rock as the Wrestlemania guest host, with some vested interest in Cena vs. Miz, it seems like the perfect time to officially have a handover of wrestling stardom to the next generation ...
  10. undertaker vs. hhh

    has anyone else noticed that wwe has not brought up the fact that triple h has lost to taker before at wrestlemania 17? i'm curious to hear from anyone as to why this may be as i have not a clue. i think it could have been used as a good part of mind games on takers part against triple h. also triple h is the 3rd person taker has faced for a second time at 'mania. why do they have him face people ...

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