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  1. Turning John Cena heel: For and Against (Part 1)

    Hey guys, first time blogger. Don't tear into me if you disagree with my opinions.

    Today, I'll be looking at the idea of turning John Cena heel. Why it should be done, and why it shouldn't.

    Why it should be done:
    In thinking about the subject matter, many reasons appear in my head.
    Firstly, like Hulk Hogan in '96, turning Cena heel will generate so much ...
  2. The Most Famous Wrestling Tragedies in History, Part 1:

    As the title of this blog states, we will have separate parts since the list of tragedies in Pro Wrestling is very long and will not fit into just one blog. Now that this is clear, lets start.
    Over the decades there has been numerous wrestling tragedies. Some are only known in the wrestling community, with some hitting the mainstream media due to the people involved or the circumstances of ...

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  3. WWE: John Cena, Heel? Not So Fast My Friend

    Yes, I stole that line from Lee Corso.

    There's been a lot of talk about Cena turning Heel ever since 'The Slap Heard Round the World' as a few people have called it. It's coming from the blogs, to the forum posts, to the countless opinion articles on some of the other 'dirt sheets', but is it coming?

    Simple Answer – NO

    Looking at the logical approach you ...
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  4. Where is the Barrett Barrage Headed?

    Yup, it's Cousin Scribbler again with more thoughts on WWE. It's funny - I'm a TNA fan through and through, but I actually seem to be giving WWE a lot of thought. Not all of it is positive - mainly I'm musing and ranting about what I don't like about it (generic, short-lived tag teams; obvious and retarded blown spots - I'm looking at you, Swagger; and the lack of a "wow factor") and wondering ...
  5. John Cena's Heel Turn

    So first time blogger here but its an idea that I think may be valid.I know after raw on Monday a lot of people see it as a start of the long awaited John Cena heel turn. Now I've been watching wrestling since I was very young my brother introduced me too it around WM9, the infamous one. I actually love this event purely for nostalgia reasons which is another story for another time (maybe).

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  6. Why I feel the Crowd is not into the WWE as Much as they Used to be - Part One

    Hello, and welcome to my second blog Why I feel the Crowd is not into the WWE as much as they Used to be where I will discuss key components to what went wrong, why I don't blame the fans, and how it can be fixed and no, it's not PG.

    First off and most important is the Music for each wrestlers entrance, that is what truly sets the tone for each wrestler a like, and gives fans ...
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  7. WWE and TNA: An Overview: Issue 2

    Alright, time for another overview. Today I'm gonna follow everyone and talk about Piper's Pit, James Storm, Bobby Roode and follow up on the Divas Overview I did a while back.

    Piper's Pit 11/28/2011

    Boy is this gonna be a memorable one. Because the Pits have been pretty bad since Shawn Michael's used Sweet Chin Music on him back during the Hogan Feud for Summerslam. ...
  8. Top 10 Historical Matches in WWE History

    Hey guys hope all is well, Knox here. I think this whole Cena vs Rock fiasco has everyone talking and the wrestling world and even the entertainment world buzzing. People are saying this could be the biggest match in not only WWE history but wrestling history.

    So I thought I'd give my take on what I think were the 10 most historical matches in WWE history.

    Qualifications: ...

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  9. Classic Pay Per View - SummerSlam 2001

    SummerSlam 2001 was the first PPV of the whole new era of the WWF (Ahhhh, good old WWF). It came right on the heels of the dawning of the Alliance storyline that seemed to split people down the middle. Alot of people were negative, and I can see there point, but Vinnie Mac had no obligation to "big up" WcW, but thats for another blog.

    SummerSlam 2001 was a solid PPV. For all ...
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  10. Cena, Miz, and TNA.

    I hope everyone had a safe and enjoyable Thanksgiving.

    Thank you to everyone who has read and commented on my first blog last week. There were some who agreed with what I said and others who didn't. Either way, I pride myself on trying to think as objectively and realistically as possible. So what I write, might not always be the most popular, and some may say I'm flat out wrong, but ...

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