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  1. Top 5 Topics of the Week (12/3/11)

    Hey Splashers it's been a busy week with a lot of things to talk about. And since everyone likes a "Top 5" I figured why not roll it all up with a week in review! With all that in mind...Lets get splashin!

    5. My Thoughts on Austin vs CM Punk Match:

    I think an Austin/Punk ...
  2. Stars On The Rise, IC Prestige & More

    Corwo here again with a brand new blog. This blog is featuring some of the "newer" stars on the rise (some of which have been appearing in main events alot throughout the past month or so. )

    What can I say, great athlete. He graduated from Boston College and has lots of in-ring ability. He had a GREAT match with Wade Barrett I mean GREAT match with Wade ...
  3. Top 20 Wrestlers in WWE history to have never won the belt: #10-6

    For #'s 20-16 & #15-11 check out my earlier posts.

    10. Greg "The Hammer" Valentine
    Closest he ever came: Madison Square Garden, Oct. '81

    What can be said about the "The Hammer"? He is a wrestling legend with a storied career that can be matched by few others on this list. Valentine had two runs in the WWF, and his second run is far more ...
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  4. Successfully turning R-Truth face again

    We read the rumours: When R-Truth returns from his suspension to to trangressing the wellnesspolicy, he'll be back as a face. Is that possible to do and still keep him interesting? I think so!

    Let's for a minute forget that trainload of failure which was the old R-Truth as a face, and consentrate on why he has become so much fun after becoming a heel. His promos, and the way they give ...
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  5. Ending the Streak: Opponents for Undertaker's Final Match

    Ending the streak: a controversial phrase in the wrestling community. To many, myself included, there are none greater than The Undertaker. He is currently the longest-standing active wrestler in the WWE, and though he may not be as decorated as other wrestlers in the industry, his quality of matches brought a new level of prestige to what he has held. Perhaps even more prestigious is his streak at ...

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  6. Ending the Brand Extension

    What's poppin folks, RatedATB back at it again. This is a topic talked about upon many people and that's ending the brand extension. Admittedly when it first came into play I liked the idea. However they lost sight of what they originally set out to do: promote rivalry in the WWE. Not only that, but they have almost half of the talent that they did when it was first implemented and throughout it's ...
  7. The Era of The Intercontinental Championship Part 2


    Rocky Maivia's calamitous reign was ended by Owen Hart on an edition of Raw in 1997. It was about time that Owen Hart was in possession of the IC belt, he had been a long standing top level performer already. The fall out from his feud with Bret Hart propelled Steve Austin into a feud with his brother Owen and inevitably the intercontinental title scene. ...
  8. The Era of The Intercontinental Championship Part 1

    The Intercontinental Championship was second only to the world championship in the early years of the World Wrestling Federation.

    The Maiden years from Pat Patterson's win in Brazil which started off the intercontinental title saw rare changes apart from a few from the same pack. It was possessed by respected veterans such as Pedro Morales (a former WWWF Champion), Don Muraco the original ...
  9. Does too many title reigns ruin a wrestler's credibility?

    Hey guys Knox here hoping all is well with the great EWN community. I'm blogging today on major title reigns today in the WWE and if overbooking one or two guys to the major titles ruin their credibility as far as fan support.

    I would have to say that it indeed does and eventually the fans will get bored with you in which a perfect example would be John Cena & Randy Orton.

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  10. What's right with wrestling right now

    Right this is my first ever attempt at a blog so apologies in advance if it is poor. Right i have seen a lot of blogs with people complaining about things that are wrong so I am going to talk about all the good things at the moment.


    Personally this is the most entertaining fued on Raw at the moment you have Laurinaitis ...

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