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  1. The Logic Behind Ending The Streak

    I read all of the blog's about the streak and I am sorry I am adding to the fray but one thing sticks out in my mind when I think is what is a better move for the Future of the WWE:

    A: Giving the Undertaker the Ability to win at Wrestlemania 28 to move the streak to 20-0 or,

    B: Ending the streak and giving Undertaker's opponent the title as the biggest star in the WWE. ...
  2. Top WWE 10 Superstars who deserve a belt Part 2/2

    Hey guys, Shaz11 here. This blog is part 2 of the Top 10 Superstars/Divas who deserve a champion!

    Please read Part 1 first, here is the link!!!

    5. Uso Brothers - Tag Team Champion
    Shouldn't they be champions already? These guys can wrestle for goodness sake. ...
  3. The Undertaker's last match.


    I’m not going to be one to presume the nature of the Undertaker’s career as it currently stands. Age, condition, nor status is going to be relevant to this blog post. If you’re looking for an individuals insight on what they think goes on backstage within an event at the WWE, then you may want to traverse the plethora of other blogs. No, this is going

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  4. TNA losing out on Eric Young? (Jeremy Fritz)

    Quick introduction to those that don't know the depths of Eric Young, he's thirty-two years old from Ontario and has been with TNA from 2004. Right moving on to why I think EY should set his eyes on another promotion if TNA continue to drop the ball with him.

    Eric Young has had a variety of gimmicks he began "jobbing," comic relief with TNA but has had more serious roles along ...

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  5. Royal Rumble 2012 Predictions

    Hey everyone, I am going to tell you my predictions for the Royal Rumble this weekend. Please note, these are only for matches that have been announced. [B]

    WWE Championship
    [/B]CM Punk (c) vs. Dolph Ziggler
    [I]Special Guest Referee John Laurinaitis

    [/I][B]Winner and STILL WWE Champion: CM Punk [/B]
    I think Punk will KO Laurinaitis and use his hand to ...
  6. Royal Rumble XXV - Wrestlemania XXVIII: Looking ahead..

    Before i get into this i would like to explain a few things about me as a wrestling fan and as a person. I say both but the two are basically one in the same. Ive loved Pro Wrestling since a very early age, my first memory being that of The Million Dollar Man trying to buy off Big John Studd at the 1989 Royal Rumble. In saying that at the time i would have only been 2 years old, but seeing it year ...

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  7. Who'll win the Rumble?

    I've seen quite a few of these posts so I waited a week or so to post mine but anyway here it it.

    Chris jerhico
    This may happen but if he is going to have a match vs punk at Wrestlemania I see no need for him to win the rumble. However maybe She will come down to the ring and assist Jerhico. Whatever happens I would rather Jerhico didn't win the rumble.

    Wade Barrett/Sheamus ...

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  8. The Top 10 Greatest Shoot Promos In Wrestling History

    Greetings community,

    There has been something on my mind as of late that I feel I need to discuss.

    I was watching some old promos the other day on YouTube, and it got me thinking, what are the 10 Best Shoot Promos in Wrestling History? I came up with my personal favorites, and here they are:

    But before you ask, no. Stone Cold Steve Austin ...
  9. The Bleak Future of the WWE

    Hey Everyone. Busy week, plus not too much to write about. I logged on Tues morning and saw 17,000 blogs about a Monday Night Raw recap. So, despite the Cena poorly executed angry face into the camera which confirms his Royal Rumble victory over Kane w/ elements of Luke turning to the Darkside, it wasn't much of a build up to the Royal Rumble. I'm more looking forward to HHH's job eval on Johnny Ace. ...
  10. How to Bring Back The WWE Tag Team

    Hello, Once again. I once did a post about it and since Primo and Epico are tag team champions, I wanted to re-post it and what I would have done.

    So, it starts with Kofi saying that Bourne is out for a couple of months due to injury (lies but who cares?). Kofi says that he will find a new partner and he will fill the tag team spot. Primo and Epico are taunting Kofi for several

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