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  1. The Reason The Rock Beat Cena

    Hey guys Knox here, hope all is well as usual. 21st birthday is April 8th on Easter lol just had to plug that again. But yeah guys, you all know I'm not a Rock fan but I'm a huge Cena fan but even I'm happy as hell Cena lost and I have my reasons. Point blank, Cena losing was better for business.

    Reason 1: Cena Losing Better for Business
    This was indeed better for business and ...

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  2. Wrestlemania 29 Dream Card


    There is a lot of buzz in the WWE right now. Why? Well one because The Rock returned after 8 years of being away to come back and beat John Cena in the main event of a Wrestlemania match that took a year to build up. Also because of the return of the original animal Brock Lesnar. WWE proved at this past years Wrestlemania that dream matches that fans desire
  3. Real Talk!: The Rock Should Have Loss To John Cena

    This is my first blog and, I'm going to be real with you guys and, give my exact opinion. The Rock should have lost to John Cena clean.The reason why is simple The Rock should have did for Cena what Hogan did for the Rock.

    Hogan was a full time wrestler at the time Rock beat him, and Rock is only part time for now. How I look at it is a part time wrestler just beat the face of the company. ...
  4. Questions for the WWE Universe...Please Answer

    What up everyone, Kid Contra here! So I just wanted to jump right into today's quasi-blog/forum hybrid. Everyone is always questioning what WWE does with their product, including myself, which is great because as a fan I believe you have the right to do so, but nobody ever questions the WWE Universe. IMO, the WWE Universe or if you are old school like me, the fans, do just as many things that boggle ...
  5. Returning Home after Mania Week.

    Hey Guys this is my Post Mania week blog Just got home from Miami lastnight nothing like a nice 16 hour drive right? Haha

    So first i'd like to say i haven't been around a better Wrestling Fanbase pretty much since 1999. Miami was off the chain from Wednesday all the way to the Miami Heat game haha.

    However its not locals that made this such a crowed on fire it was a gathering ...
  6. How Far can WWE go on WM28 Steam

    On Monday we were treated to one of the best crowd wrestling has ever seen. Speculation has shown that the fans said yes just to support Daniel Bryan over that embarrasing Wrestlemania match with Sheamus, but could that be all?

    Over With The Crowd
    I read a forum that stated that YES! can become the new WHAT! for the wrestling industry. This could be true in the way that Daniel Bryan ...

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    Thoughts and Opinions
  7. How to Regain a Loyal Fan

    Well, I have thought this through and decided to re-launch my blog. Everyone gets a mulligan, right? This time I am going to put it into an actual blog format, rather than write a chapter of a book. As my last blog showed, I am a fan of the wrestling industry and have been so since I was young. Much like many of you, I have been witness to multiple “Eras” of the industry. Even though several “eras” ...
  8. WBC #6 Top 5 Holy SH!T Moments!

    What is up everybody!? It is time for another edition of WBC, and I hope everyone likes the new banner I made. Keep an eye out for the next edition of Uncooked as I will be showcasing a new banner for that as well. Last week, Renevious pummeled his opponent and continued
  9. This is a New Era for WWE

    Hey everybody, this is my first ever blog


    Last night as you should know Brock Lesnar returned to the WWE after success in UFC and Japan
    So with that in mind many have said that the WWE is entering a new era and backing off from the PG era, so heres my thoughts

    What ended it?
    Well i believe that at WrestleMania the match that was built as ...

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  10. The Wrestling Reaction - Raw and Wrestlemania

    What’s poppin folks! RatedATB back at it once again! What a week it’s been in this crazy world of professional wrestling. It’s been a week of excitement, disappointment, and shock. We saw a historic Wrestlemania, and one HELL of a Raw. I know I said I was going to do a Wrestlemania review, but I figured everyone was gonna do that, and I was right, so I figured I’ll just give a quick rundown ...

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