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  1. My 10 favorite moments in TNA history

    Some know TNA as Impact wrestling, but it will always be TNA to me. I began watching TNA in 2004 after coming home from school. Walking home at the time switched through the channels and saw wrestling. Wrestling with guys like Road Dogg, Jarrett, and so forth kept me hooked. In any case, instead of trying to sit here and proclaim the 10 best moments in TNA history because plenty of others could argue ...
  2. PWI Top 20 for 2012?

    Hey guys Knox here hoping all is well. I wanted to make my own Pro Wrestling Illustrated list for 2012 starting January 1st to present time. I wanted to rank the list as far as who's looking the best thus far. Hope you all enjoy. Also, only WWE & TNA stars will be on the list so no ROH and stuff.

    Win/Loss Record, Crowd Reaction, Overall Performance in the ring ...

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  3. Do WWE Need a 3rd Brand

    Hi @RealBlogger here with my first ever blog please forgive me for any mistakes.So lets get to the bread and butter of this blog. As you can see from the title the topic if this blog is Do WWE need a 3rd Brand?. My Answer? HELL YEAH!

    Simple people arent getting used. I mean all the usual suspects are here Reks,Hawkins,Trent even Ryder they pushed him for abit and now his back ...

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  4. Why a Tag Team Division is Needed

    In my previous entry I discussed why a successfully promoted tag team division is no longer found in pro-wrestling today - the WWE in particular. I posited that tag teams, and having a tag team division can, does and will act as cornerstones to power blocks in locker room politics when it comes to booking. Consequently, the McMahon family has no use for them any longer as they have taken a "why-ferment-a-faction-that-may-question-your-absolute-authority ...
  5. SSlam '12 - Predictions and Wishful Thinking

    Hello EWN members!, Before I start this subject, I'd like to say congratulations to Tommy Thunder for smashing me in the Blog Wars Olympics. Nice job bro. Now on to my subject - SummerSlam 2012 has alot of potential to be the PPV of the year, (if WWE handles it properly), with the current line up of matches, and some soon to be added matches (I Hope and Dream). Agree or disagree, this blog is going ...

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  6. OO: Ozfan's Opinion - Road to WrestleMania: WRESTLEMANIA 29

    Hey everyone. I am back with the final part of my Road to WrestleMania posts. At last, I will share with you my predictions on the WrestleMania side. I hope you all enjoy.

    [B]Eight Man Tag Team match
    Kane, Kofi Kingston, R-Truth and Rey Mysterio vs. CM Punk, Alberto Del Rio, Wade Barrett and Daniel Bryan [/B] ...

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  7. The 7/30 RAW Ratings Breakdown ~ The Deluxe Lounge

    I have not done a blog in forever and I wanted to do something different this time around. So, as a weekly thing, I am going to give my thoughts on the RAW segments and how they did in the ratings. So sit back and enjoy the read.

    The July 30th WWE RAW did a 3.09 cable rating with 4.50 million viewers. The three hours came in at 2.79, 3.21 and 3.25. Apparently, people have a hard time ...

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  8. Sudden Impact: Let's Try This Again

    Hey Wrestling Fans. The Saviour here with another edition of Sudden Impact, where it's all TNA.

    I don't know what happened last week, but my Sudden Impact report didn't get posted on the blog board. Let's hope for a different result this time.

    On a quick note about last week's Impact. It was a decent show. The way I see it, with Raw 1000, TNA could do whatever they had ...
  9. WBC Series #11: State of the WWE

    What is up guys! time for another edition of WBC! This time, the topic is the state of the WWE! We are having the champ, Renevious, defend his title against a blogger here on EWN, The Great One! Let's take a look at the champs blog first!


    What's up ...
  10. Summerslam - Is a Big Show win feasible?

    Big Show. 'The Worlds Largest Athlete'. One of the most decorated superstars of all time. However he's only competed at 4 Summerslam ppv's. This is how Big Show's Summerslam timeline reads:

    1. Summerslam 1999 - Undertaker & Big Show vs Kane & X-Pac in a WWE World Tag team title match.
    2. Summerslam 2006 - Big Show vs Sabu in an ECW World Title match.
    3. Summerslam 2009 -

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