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  1. Mark Henry: A Beast Awakened

    It has been a while since I wrote a blog so I apologize if you spot any mistakes here and there. This one, I am proud to say, is about a man I thought I would never really support as a world champion. That man is Mark Henry.

    Let's be honest. When it comes to Mark Henry being showcased as a top heel, WWE has had numerous opportunities to present him as one and they have let the ship ...

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  2. Vintage "Broadcast Journalism"

    Y'know I've had a tirade about commentary kicking around my head for a while. Well, here it is.

    Imagine a sports commentator. Imagine him in your mind, hearing him speak. Chances are you're imagining someone with a unique voice narrating the action. You're imagining that because that in essence is what sports commentating is. It's a narration of what's going on by a guy who sounds good. ...
  3. My Letter To WWE

    Dear WWE,

    I wrote a letter to your rival but that doesn't mean your out the woods with me. Look at that statement, look at it long and hard. It was said by one of your employees. Who was employed at the company during the time! The irony. I have a bone to pick with you and I had it a long time. Look at your top superstars. Randy Orton and John Cena. CM Punk really dont count in this ...
  4. Go back to Thursdays...or start over on Tuesdays.

    I remember back in the day when wrestling was introduced on Thursday nights. You had WCW Thunder and WWE Smackdown. I used to watch these just as religiously as I did RAW and Nitro. Thunder died obviously when WCW went under. Smackdown, however lived on. It was on the perfect day, Thursday.

    Why was Thursdays perfect? Easy, lack of anything important going on on this particular day ...
  5. WWE Divas Division A Joke and How it Can Be Fixed

    Alright, this is my very first blog here, so i am going to try to make it a good one. The overview for this blog is explaining why i feel the "divas" division has not only fell in the recent years but overall, has become a joke and a bathroom break for most and how it could be fixed.

    I originally started watching wrestling back in the late 90s on and off, and actually ...

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  6. Educating Your Audience (My letter to TNA)

    Dear TNA,

    I have faith in you. I may not watch you like I use to but still, your property of one of favorite pure wrestler in America today: AJ Styles. But we have a problem. Its about your audience, I undertsand that the ratings are down and this that and the third. But we have a BIGGER problem. Educate your audience. What I mean on that is not the ones in Orlando. I mean if Total
  7. Divas and Knockouts: An Overview

    Long time reader, first time poster.

    For all intents and purposes, the first diva is generally considered Sunny. She could not wrestle. Than came along Trish Stratus. She started out pretty bad, but turned into one of the best female wrestlers of all time. Lita came in about a couple of years afterword and gave us a different change of pace, in that she was a risk taker. Trish was ...

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  8. All About The Divas

    With the talk of Beth Phoenix and Natalya supposedly "saving" the women's division I started thinking about how hypocritical you fans are. I mean back in the days of Lita and Trish Stratus, you would all moan and groan about the WWE having divas in the company for the sole purpose of dancing around and having pillow fights, bra and panties matches, and rolling around in gravy pools. So to ...

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  9. Zack Ryder: More Serious Than You Know It (Bro)

    Hello everybody, my first blog here but that doesn't matter. Let my opinions be judged for what they're worth.

    I'm discussing Zack Ryder and his use of the Internet and social media to get himself noticed. Before he was featured in a blog post on this site way back about 12 weeks into Z:TLIS, I couldn't care less about him. But after watching more and examining his methods, I think ...
  10. Buy/Sell Time!


    - Obviously have to start with the face of the WWE. as much as you love him, as much as you hate him, a definite buy. It should be no argument as to the fact that John Cena is going stale but I understand that no one wants to admit that about ...
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    Thoughts and Opinions

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