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  1. The IWC Shouldn't Be A Place Where Great Ideas Die...

    It’s been a while since I wrote on the How to Regain a Loyal Fan series. Being that I am OCD of sorts, I don’t like the idea of leaving this unfinished. However, I made a bit of an error in my 12 critical points and even writing the title to this blog made me cringe a bit. If you want to know what they are, simply follow the links to my other blogs to understand what I laid out over a year ...

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  2. No Contest at Payback WWE Title

    After seeing Daniel Bryan on Raw carry Ryback to an awesome match.

    How about this, On Payback, lets say Ryback was putting John Cena inside the Ambulance for the third stage of the hell, out comes Bryan and blindsides Ryback beats the crap out of him and sends Ryback inside the Ambulance along with John Cena, causing a apparent No contest. All of this to prove he's not a weak link by ...
  3. Curtis Axel - Hit or Miss?

    I know he debuted a month ago but thought id see how his push panned out before putting an opinion out there so lets get down too it.

    Now we all know he debuted originally on nxt as Michael Mcgillicutty and showed some promise which lead to being put into the nexus back in 2010.
    He held the tag team championships for a period of time then was sent to redevelopment. Now i am abit ...
  4. Sting vs Undertaker Wrestlemania XXX

    Over the years one of the only matches to have never happened has been one of the most wanted, The Undertaker vs Sting. I personally have wanted to see them wrestle time and time again and have never gotten the opportunity to see it.

    I thought for sure when McMahon bought out WCW that we'd eventually see it but it never happened. Over the past few years Sting has signed a 1 year deal ...
  5. Does he deserve it ?

    Hey this is my first blog so I will try and keep this short and sweet for everyone

    Well Curtis axel is now getting a push but does he deserve this push? And the future championship shots that he is gonna receive in the future ? My opinion no

    That might be an un popular thing to say here but it's not down to Curtis lack of wrestling ability its from what iv seen booking ...
  6. OO: Ozfan's Opinion - Booking WWE Money in the Bank

    Hey everyone. Welcome to another edition of Double O! I am Ozfan and this time, I want to share with you on how I would book the card for WWE's upcoming PPV, Money in the Bank. I know it is a little early but that's why I wanted to share my thoughts before any matches or major segments are announced for the show. I hope you all enjoy.

    [B]WWE Championship[/B]
    [B]John Cena (c) vs. ...
  7. Breaking the Rules

    Hello everyone. I have come to here to discuss a very important issue in the WWE. Have any of you noticed how WWE constantly changes and breaks their own rules? They just happen to change/break it when that situation comes in play. Let's get started.

    So in order to be disqualified someone must have some outside help by either a person or weapon of some kind. Personally ...
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  8. The new Main-eventers vol. 3

    Hey readers, it's me again Lord Cookie and since the last blog got a good enough feedback (not like my first ones ) i decided too continue with the Blogs. And if you're active on facebook and would like to be an admin on a wrestling page (In The Shield We Believe) Leave a comment!

    Roman Reigns
    A character which we all ready know. As a part of The Shield. A big guy. He makes it ...
  9. "WE the People" Need More People?

    In the vast universe that is professional wrestling there are many topics and characters that spur debate and set the forums ablaze with opinions. Over the years there has been many storylines and personas in the WWE “ripped from the headlines” and presented to stir the caldron of controversy all in the name of sports entertainment. From the turncoat Sargent Slaughter to Muhammad Hassan…from ...
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  10. OO: Ozfan's Opinion - WWE's Current Tag Team Division

    Hey everyone. Welcomee to another edition of Double O. I am Ozfan. And I will be sharing with you today on my opinion on what to do with the current Tag Team division.

    First of all, I would like to tell you about the three handpicked teams I would like to see win the Tag Team Titles...

    [B]No. 3 - Rhodes Scholars[/B]
    Rhodes & Sandow would make great heel tag champions. ...
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