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  1. Smackdown's Worst Enemy- The Draft Part 2

    This is the second part of the draft covering the 2005 Draft. This is the draft I think really hurt Smackdown. Also I won't cover the Post draft trades since most of those stars left or just didn't matter. So here it is...

    John Cena
    Rob Van Dam
    Kurt Angle
    The Big Show

    Chris Benoit
    Randy Orton
  2. Little Jimmy! Really?: What is the WWE Going To Do With The Miz & R-Truth?

    Here's a storyline topic I haven't really seen anyone talk about much. Basically the title says it all. So what is WWE going to do? Here are some of my ideas, which may seem a bit outlandish.

    Here's the first idea. Have you noticed that so far(I'm writing this before Raw) that Miz & Truth have only attacked CM Punk? I mean, weren't they saying that it was HHH that was mainly screwing ...
  3. Top 5 Intercontinental Championships of All Time

    Cody Rhodes wants to bring back prestige and meaning to the Intercontinrtal Championship, so now we will look back at the top 5 IC champions of all times.

    5. Chris Benoit
    Say what you want about Chris Benoit, but his impact on the IC title can not be deined..... After years of Roaddog, Billy Gunn, Chyna, Blue meanies, Goldust and the GodFather holding the Intercontinental title ...
  4. How far will the WWE Network go?

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  5. WWE and unfair criticism

    WWE and unfair criticism

    My first blog here. Criticism of it is very welcome as long as it is constructive. Apologies in advance for it being slightly lengthy.

    Firstly, I need to get this out of the way. I am a lifelong WWE fan. I used to watch when Hulk Hogan was running wild. I marked out the first time I saw the Ultimate Warrior running down the aisle to the tune of ...
  6. Top 10 Best Finishers!!!

    Hey guys hope all is well. This is more of a discussion. Everytime I blog or any blogs, it opinionated material with some fact. This is totally opinionated but I really want everyone to chime in on what they think as well. Its all good clean fun guys.

    I'm a guy that loves finishers. I'm basically stating my favorite finishers but not exactly the best finishers so bare with me ok. ...
  7. House Shows vs. TV vs. Internet vs. Pay-Per-View

    With Zack Ryder talking about how the Internet championship is the 'new' Television championship, I was thinking about what kinds of events the WWE generally has nowadays. Besides RAW, Smackdown, special country airings, and NXT, the WWE has a pretty diverse market. They have the two main shows, which Raw and SD are both televised, one live and one taped, then played at a later date. They have NXT, ...
  8. 'Cuz Stone Cold Said So: Realizing our Circumstances

    May 22, 2011, Over the Limit PPV, “I Quit Match” for the WWE Championship. It is the former champ the Miz vs. current titleholder John Cena, and what could have been a good match for the (formerly) prestigious belt becomes a farce unlike anything I have ever seen. For almost 20 minutes, The Miz and his employee Alex “Takin’ Finishers” Riley use every weapon known to man in a glorified ...

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  9. Is Daniel Bryan the next big thing?

    Is Daniel Bryan the next big thing

    Yo people! im back but whith this blog about the American dragon Daniel Bryan.I had to do a lot of research about his life before WWE,so I might have left out some stuff or not metioned them.

    Recap on his wrestling life before in WWE

    He is a former Ring of Honor Champion(15 month title reign)while being champion ...

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  10. Bring Back the Glory of the Tag Team Division

    It is a sad state of the WWE that they haven’t focused on the WWE Tag Team Division for the past couple of years. Last year of 2010, the WWE Tag-Team Championship Title has changed hands 6 times. So far this year of 2011, the WWE Tag-Team Championship Title has changed hands 5 times. In the last two years, the Season 1 NXT wrestlers collectively have held the titles the most. Though professional ...

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