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  1. A cool little storyline I'd like to seee. (Part one)

    Hey! First blog status!

    Well, on WWE 12 I'm on Storyline designer, and I've decided to take it from recent events. For instance, Triple H returning and all. Well I sort've had an idea that would, at least in my mind be cool. It's another power struggle, as we all know Triple H took Vince McMahon's job from it (storyline wise) well essentially, Raw has plunged into chaos, Kane has been ...
  2. What is WWE Doing Wrong?

    Twitter:Well Royal Rumble was on the top ten trending on Yahoo all 3 times I checked my email today.

    Overall it is pretty annoying. The Twitter obsession is what gets to me the most. I don't like hearing it during the match. It honestly gets old even seeing the ads when they come back from commercial about how many people watched Raw the past week

    Also I kinda dislike how ...

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  3. road to wrestlemania thoughts

    To be honest im personally glad jericho didnt win the royal rumble. The last couple of years it's been wrestlers who are main event material who have been out sidelined, injured for months and suddenly comeback and win the RR like they instantly deserve it, i.e Edge/cena when ppl have been busting their asses in the ring for the opportunity to main event wrestlemania.

    Now don't get the ...
  4. OO: Ozfan's Opinion - What I would like to be included in the next WWE video game...

    Hello WWE fans. I'm going to share with you my wishlist for WWE's next video game. I urge you to leave your opinions also in the comments below.

    - Create A Superstar: For create a superstar, in the next game, I want the old skin color texture to be brought back. There are certain characters me and other fans would like to create but struggle to do ...
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  5. Different Matchcard for WM28

    Hello awesome wrestling fans. Hope your doing well. A thought came to me and said what if Wrestlemania 28 was based on matches that not just made sense but would completely unpredictable from what the WWE is going to do. This are matches that have not been rumored and/or rarely mentioned. So here we go. I am not saying this is my dream card, but some of these would make alot of sense.

  6. not what I thought my first blog would be about.. (or the unexpected [re]push)

    The Royal Rumble.

    Going in I had so many fantasies about what the outcome would be; who would shine, rumble ‘Legend’ returns and if there would be any surprise returns to the main roster. I thought the latter may be even more promising in light of Randy Orton's early return for Smackdown and for some reason I just kept getting Batista's music stuck in my head in the build up. I'm ...
  7. Wrestlemaina 28 card reality/hope

    Hi everyone, like manyrecently on here I am a long time reader and first time blogger. I have beenwatching wrestling since just before Wrestlemania 9, to be honest over the pastyear or so have not watched as much due to the birth of my son but over thelast few weeks have been getting back into it.
    Anyway on with what I thinkwould make a good Wrestlemania with the talent available and the way ...
  8. TNA from Wembly Arena: What we saw last night...

    Hey wrestling faithful. DK Wrestling Savior here with, finally, a report on TNA that is worth writing.

    I haven't written anything about TNA recently because, well, it has just sucked. The bleeping out of the "A" word, the holding back and incredibly fake looking chair and chain shots by Bubba Ray Dudley, *yes, I said it*, too much Eric Young and ODB screen time. And everything ...
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  9. The New Four Horseman. Who Would it be?

    [B]Leader:[/B] Sheamus
    [B]Enforcer:[/B] Wade Barrett
    [B]Manager:[/B] William Regal
    [B]Ladies Man/Treasurer:[/B] Drew McIntyre

    Now for those of you that have played the first part of Road to WrestleMania in WWE '12, you may recognize the members as the members of The United Kingdom stable. I think they should bring this stable out of the game and have it in real ...

    Updated 02-02-2012 at 08:21 PM by Frank

  10. 5 Ring of Honor Wrestlers to look out for in 2012

    5. Michael Elgin: After posting a very strong 2011, Elgin seems destined to really break out in 2012. The 245 pound, strong, agile, monster won the Survival of the Fittest tournament in 2011, guaranteeing himself a World Title shot sometime this year. I'd be surprised if he gets the World Title this year, but I could certainly see him winning the TV title this year.

    4. Kyle O'Reilly: ...

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