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  1. WWE: What Grinds My Gears

    I've been doing some thinking - there are loads of things that annoy me about WWE at the minute. So, I thought I's write this blog, and see what your comments are.

    Cut Down On The PPVs
    Somebody give me one good reason why Vengeance was brought back. And there are others, like Over The Limit and Capitol Punishment, which serve absolutely nothing to WWE in terms of buy rates and viewers. ...
  2. $hazBlog: Wrestlemania Dreamcard

    So this is my Wrestlemania Dreamcard, with the current superstars in the WWE. I know most of the EWN are getting abit fed up with all these Wrestlemania blogs and shiz but I like reading and I enjoy reading blogs about other people's opinions and thoughts. So I chose a Wrestlemania dreamcard instead of predictions, so I get different opinions.

    Note: This is NOT a WM 28 Dreamcard so please ...
  3. The Straight "Vegan" Society???

    Hey guys hope all is well, Knox here. I'm really interested in the current direction of Daniel Bryan, I definitely enjoy what's going on here. Wrestling has been around for over 50 years so ofcourse stories will be rehashed so its safe to say its no surprise that we are in the midst of Cm Punk's Straight Edge Society but this time with Daniel Bryan's Vegan gimmick.

    Let's talk about ...
  4. WrestleMania 29: Where should it be held?

    Hey everyone. I'm back and this time, I'm gonna be talking about where the venue for WrestleMania 29 should be. Here are a list of possibilities...
    Air Canada Centre in Toronto, Canada: [/B]I think the ACC would be a pretty good option for WrestleMania 29, mainly because Canada hasn't hosted WrestleMania since 2002 for WrestleMania X8. There could be a few guest appearances by Edge, ...

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    Thoughts and Opinions
  5. WrestleMania 28: Realistically booking the Grand Event

    With Rock vs. Cena announced, and Punk vs. Jericho and HHH vs. Undertaker sure to come, Wrestlemania 28 is looking like it could be one of the best Manias ever. However, the WWE will still need a strong undercard and good booking to make this event live up to it's potential. However hard it may be for some to realize, WWE made great strides as a company in 2011. With a plethora of new stars, and a ...

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  6. 5 Wrestlers TNA should have kept

    These will be in no particular order but TNA has certainly let people walk or fired people who should have been kept. The argument can be made for beyond 5 guys, but we'll keep the list simple.

    1. Christian (or Christian Cage): If this list were in order, he would be at the top of the list. WWE held Christian back and once he made his way to TNA, he became a bigger star than WWE could ...
  7. This Week's Wrestling Top 5

    1. All the build-up for Jericho's return, and for what? "wanna-be's"? "Jericho wanna-bes?" That's a pretty weak premise as far his reasons for coming back. It has no substance or depth. Also, none of Jericho's comparisons to other wrestlers made much sense. His promo this week really hurt his intrigue. While CM Punk was only mocking Jericho's "no-talk" segments, ...

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  8. The Most Deserving Champions

    There have been many WWE Superstars throughout the years that many of us believe should have been WWE or now for the past 9 years World Champion. Mr. Perfect, Ravishing Rick Rude and Million Dollar Man Teb Dibiasi come to mind right off the bat. Certainly Jake the Snake Roberts and Ricky the Dragon Steamboat should have worn the WWE Championship.

    However I will talking about talent that ...

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    Thoughts and Opinions
  9. $hazBlog: TNA Against All Odds Predictions

    What's going on guys, I'll be writing my TNA Against All Odds predictions! Hope you enjoy the blog.

    I've really been impressed with TNA lately, they've improved ever since that stupid takeover business. In fact, the previous ppv Genesis is easily one of the best PPV's I've seen so far, hopefully they keep going in that flow!

    Match 1. Jesse Sorenson vs Zema Ion ...

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  10. Piper's Pit: Randy Orton vs Wade Barrett

    A new take on WWE rivalries, and a new take for me, my new series of blogs: Piper's Pit! Where I dissect WWE rivalries to their entirety, starting with the recent feud of Randy Orton vs. Wade Barrett, so lets get started, shall we?

    The Stars
    I've never liked Randy Orton, but have always, since NXT, loved Barrett. Randy Orton to me has always been an egotistical, mediocre wrestler ...

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