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  1. Justin Gabriel, the Capetown Werewolf

    Hi everyone, Scribbler Jones here. I haven't written in a while, sorry about that, but I wanted to speak and share my opinions of another WWE Superstar that caught my eye recently: the South African Sensation, Justin Gabriel.

    When the Nexus hit the scene and wrecked shop every Monday on RAW, I was particularly interested in the guy who always jumped to the top turnbuckle and went for ...
  2. 5 Greatest Intercontinental Champions (1990 - 2012)

    Hi people just gonna give a try for the first time so be nice but this is who i think the 5 greatest Intercontinental Champions are from when i started watching so here go's nothing.

    5. Razor Ramon
    Without a doubt this guy should be on anyone's top list of intercontinental champions him and Shawn Michaels made the ladder match famous competing for this title at Wrestlemania 10 as ...
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  3. WWE: In search of a Hero

    I've been reading in various places recently that an Indy wrestler called Chris Hero has been signed to WWE talent development FCW. I dont know very much about him other than he is an internet phenomenon. He has masses of followers and has made waves working for Ring of Honour (along with once Kings of Wrestling tag Partner Claudio Castagnoli, also now working with FCW).


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  4. Elimination Chamber: A Good PPV Before Wrestlemania???

    Hey wrestling fans and fanatics alike. The Savior here. PhEonYx gets credit for coming up with the new name. Many thanks to you and to my readers and your comments.

    I know in my last blog I said I'd be done until after the weekend, but something has been running through my mind recently. And it was Predictability. And not so much storyline predictability, like that lame excuse ...
  5. Working With What We Have - WWE

    In my last blog I wrote about working with what we currently have in TNA and how it can be worked into a better situation for all of the titles and for some wrestlers that are just floating around the roster. In this blog I'd like to dedicate some time to the current roster / title situations with WWE.

    Tag Team Division:
    First off the main problem in WWE is the tag division. Hands ...
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  6. What the hell happened to the U.S. & I.C. Championships?

    Hey guys Knox here hoping all is well. As many of you know I try not to complain much about anything. I basically come here to blog and offer my constructive criticism but not this time. I'm having a huge gripe with the overall decline of the United States & Intercontinental Championships and something has to happen.

    Let me tell you some of my worries and how to basically fix some ...
  7. Top 10 Tag Team (WWE)

    First off I'm not including teams like Demolition road warriors or the rockers as I wasn't really watching wwe/wwf then although I know from YouTube that they were great teams.

    10. Legacy

    Ted Dibiase and Cody Rhodes with Randy Orton
    This team was of 2nd generation Superstars feuded mostly with Dx for the titles. Both Ted Dibiase and Cody Rhodes could wrestle but they were ...

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  8. WWE: A Better Booking for the Undisputed Championship

    Note: This booking starts off replacing the Raw episode before the Elimination Chamber.

    Raw starts out tonight with a lot of hype surrounding HBK's return. In the mix of all that excitement is the continued building fued of CM Punk vs Chris Jericho. The show starts off with John Laurinaitis coming out cutting his usual style of promos regarding still being the interm(is it still ...

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  9. Thoughts On The Location For WrestleMania 29

    What's up viewers, fellow bloggers, and wrestling fans?
    I just found out the location for next years Wrestlemania. It's going to take place at MetLife Stadium in New Jersey. At first I was somewhat ok with this until, (sighs), until I saw the logo.
    It's not that I think that the venue is a bad place to host Sports Entertainment's version of the Super Bowl, I think ...
  10. Fix WWE: Manage Titles, Tag Team, Diva Division & More!

    For the lazy/Digest Version:
    Restore prestige to the mid level titles by defending them against and having them ocassionally held by upper card opponents.
    2. Resurrect the nearly dead tag team division by recruiting and developing wrestlers that are already part of a team.
    3. Create stables that are well, stable! The best stables ever have lasted for years with various incarnations. ...

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