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  1. The Splash: Who Will Be WWE's Next Big Thing

    Welcome back Splashers. This past week John Cena had removal of bone fragments or spurs in his right arm this past weekend. While it was a mild operation, Cena is expected to appear at Hell in the Cell. I read the interview with a former member of the WWE creative team: Court Bauer posted by Ryan Clark. ...

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  2. Booking Ryback to the top of the WWE

    Here is how I'd book Ryback to the top of the WWE: PPVs underlines w/opponents in bold along with championship type.

    HIAC beats Miz for the IC title.
    Survivor Series: Championship scramble-defeats Miz vs Otunga vs Brodus Clay vs Kofi....title changes throughout the match w/champion given the last entry in the championship scramble. Comes in and dominates holds the belt in the air ...

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  3. Yes! Yes! Yes! The Raw Review

    CM Punk still cannot muster up any respect from an injured John Cena, Daniel Bryan & Kane got a team name which was the best a bad trio, and WWE’s tag team division is finally becoming relevant again.

    Last night’s Raw was just as engaging as last week, and once again it was all down to CM Punk and Paul Heyman. That’s not to say the likes of AJ and Mick Foley weren’t

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  4. OO: Ozfan's Opinion - Matches I would like to see and predicted winners

    Hey everyone. I am back with another opinion I want to share with you. This time, I will show you a list of matches I would like to see. Some of them possible, others not so possible but still, I hope you enjoy.

    [B]No Disqualification Tornado Tag Team match[/B]
    Undertaker and Kane vs. Triple H and Shawn Michaels
    [B]WINNERS:[/B] The Brothers of Destruction
    [B]Note: [/B] ...
  5. #RAWTALK! (Number.001): 09-24-2012

    Welcome everyone to the inaugural edition of my new blog series: [B]#RAWTALK! [/B]now, I will be doing this series every week and my normal [B]STATE OF THE 'E [/B]blogs pretty much whenever I feel like it. I'm still not sure on a particular format I'd like to present this to you guys in so, I'm going to present it in a way I was thinking and see how you guys like it... let me know. THANKS!

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  6. The Splash: Just a Little Bit of Everything.

    Welcome back Splashers. I have been reading a lot of news bits, over the past few days here on EWN, and it’s some of these issues that got my goat hairs all riled up. With that in mind, let’s get down to business!

    On Beth Phoenix: When I read that Beth Phoenix will be finishing up with ...
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  7. The Royal Ramble: Shawn Michaels' Top Ten Matches!

    The following was only on but now it's here for all to read! Before I start, as always be respectful to one another. I don't care if you bash my blog but if you bash or disrespectful to someone for their opinion I will either modify or delete your comment.

    The Showstopper, the Icon, the Main Event, Mr. WrestleMania & Mr. Hall of Fame! Who do you know that has ...
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  8. PipeBombs

    Hey Guys pretty sure the title says it all......
    This one is all about PipeBombs!!!

    Today in the E it seems hard for "Sports Entertainers" to cut a good promo and this is due to a number of things such as restriction on what the "Sports Entertainers" can and cannot say!!

    The last truely memorable promo i can think of was CM Punk sat at the top of ...
  9. STATE OF THE 'E: Welcome Back!

    Well, well, well... here I am. One more go round. If I get a good enough response, I'll see what happens about another one. But, considering its been months since people have read one of these... let me start it off right...

    Welcome one and all to the [B]ALWAYS[/B] imitated but [B]NEVER[/B] duplicated [B]STATE[/B] [B]OF THE 'E[/B] and I am [B]Rated_R(ob)KO[/B] and I'm here to discuss ...
  10. WWE'13 Gameplay Thoughts based on previous WWE Games.

    This is my first blog and just wanted to discuss the lack of "realism" that has been taken out of WWE games, which have actually been in previous WWE games. Or certain features in previous games that could be integrated into WWE'13.

    1. A superstar cannot hold their submission when their opponent has crawled/reached for the ropes for 5 seconds. What on earth happened to this ...

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