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  1. The Splash: Just a Little Bit of Everything.

    Welcome back Splashers. I have been reading a lot of news bits, over the past few days here on EWN, and it’s some of these issues that got my goat hairs all riled up. With that in mind, let’s get down to business!

    On Beth Phoenix: When I read that Beth Phoenix will be finishing up with ...
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  2. The Royal Ramble: Shawn Michaels' Top Ten Matches!

    The following was only on but now it's here for all to read! Before I start, as always be respectful to one another. I don't care if you bash my blog but if you bash or disrespectful to someone for their opinion I will either modify or delete your comment.

    The Showstopper, the Icon, the Main Event, Mr. WrestleMania & Mr. Hall of Fame! Who do you know that has ...
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  3. PipeBombs

    Hey Guys pretty sure the title says it all......
    This one is all about PipeBombs!!!

    Today in the E it seems hard for "Sports Entertainers" to cut a good promo and this is due to a number of things such as restriction on what the "Sports Entertainers" can and cannot say!!

    The last truely memorable promo i can think of was CM Punk sat at the top of ...
  4. STATE OF THE 'E: Welcome Back!

    Well, well, well... here I am. One more go round. If I get a good enough response, I'll see what happens about another one. But, considering its been months since people have read one of these... let me start it off right...

    Welcome one and all to the ALWAYS imitated but NEVER duplicated STATE OF THE 'E and I am Rated_R(ob)KO and I'm here to discuss a bunch of things so, without further ...
  5. WWE'13 Gameplay Thoughts based on previous WWE Games.

    This is my first blog and just wanted to discuss the lack of "realism" that has been taken out of WWE games, which have actually been in previous WWE games. Or certain features in previous games that could be integrated into WWE'13.

    1. A superstar cannot hold their submission when their opponent has crawled/reached for the ropes for 5 seconds. What on earth happened to this ...
  6. Sting's 10 biggest moments in TNA

    I have been a bit harsh towards a child favorite of mine: Sting recently on the forums. Have felt bad about which is why I decided to make a blog dedicated to Sting's TNA career focusing on his 10 biggest moments in TNA. That along with the fact, he is getting inducted into TNA's HOF in October. This is a perfect scenario along with th timing of this blog.

    10.Sting takes back control ...

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  7. 9 Matches That Should Be Booked for WM29

    I always thought you shouldn't book your biggest show of the year based off the other PPVs, but book the other PPVs based off your big show of the year. WrestleMania is about putting together the best possible card you can have with your current roster. Dream matches, surprises, returns, this is the show to pull out all the stops. I've been pretty disappointed in the last few WrestleManias. While ...
  8. Raw World Tour: Bryce Jordan Center Review

    This is the Review for Raw House Show last night 9/21/12

    Opening Segment: AJ comes out and starts talking but gets interrupted by CM Punk an AJ says this is her show and that he will be defending his title against Big Show. He drops his mic and walks to the back.

    Rey Mysterio and Sin Cara vs Miz and TenasiA lot of back and fourth, Mysterio 619 Tenasi and throws Miz out of ...

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  9. In-Depth Look: The State of CM Punk

    It's time we took a look at the current state of CM Punk.


    It doesn't seem too long ago that Punk blew the roof off of the wrestling world and became "white hot" overnight with his shoot promos from the top of the ramp on RAW. To any wrestling fan who knows, it was almost shocking to see Punk name-drop the likes of Colt Cabana, Brock ...
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  10. Their best years: Stone Cold, The Rock, and John Cena

    Hello there fellow blog readers. I will like to welcome you all to the first "Best Years" blog from me. This is a blog where I list three wrestlers and the best years they had with their respective companies. This could be due to putting on the best matches nonstop that year, where they were in put in the most compelling feuds than the others, or when they kept prudcing the best promos week ...

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