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  1. Top 10 moments: RVD's career

    One of a Kind, whole fn show, I'm talking about Rob Van Dam! The buzz and excitement about RVD returning to WWE. How can I not have a blog about one of my favorite superstars of all-time? Let us get more hyped and excited for RVD's return with this edition of top 10 featuring: RVD's top 10 moments in his career!! RVD's been wrestling since the early-mid 90s, so how can I possibly cut it down to 10? ...

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  2. Ranking the Money in the Bank Cash Ins

    With WWE's annual Money in the Bank PPV just six days away I thought it would be a good idea to rank the 12 cash ins thus far, and because I like ranking things. The criteria for the list is pretty much the storyline that came after the cash in, how believable the new champion was, how the cash in took place, and what the results from the cash in were. Keep in mind this is all opinionated but feel ...
  3. Booking Challenge: Summerslam 2013

    Booking Challenge has returned and the topic is: Summerslam 2013! The biggest ppv of the Summer and WWE's 2nd biggest ppv according to WWE. We all know some of the rumored matches, but the point of the booking challenge is simple. The critics out there who are upset with the product like they constantly are will take this challenge and leave their Summerslam 2013 card. Now, I'm booking my card based ...

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  4. Raw 7-1-13 Hits and Misses

    Overall Score: 5


    Opening Segment:
    I always like when they have a match involving many different superstars have a segment together. So it was nice to see everybody, excluding RVD, involved in the WWE Title MitB Ladder Match in the same ring before the PPV. I'm glad they had everybody interacting towards one another just so everybody has heat on each other going into ...
  5. Be the Booker: Money in the Bank 2013

    Welcome to my PPV prediction blog. I did one of these for Extreme Rules but I totally forgot about doing it for Payback. Now that the blog is back...and with a new name...let's get down to business.


    Curtis Axel vs. The Miz for the Intercontinental Championship: Now they obviously have to have a pre-show match, but it's sad to see Axel being apart of it since it seemed ...

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  6. My view: Why King of the Ring should return!!

    Now days, we call the "The Big 4" aka 4 best or biggest ppvs of the year Survivor Series, Royal Rumble, Summerslam, and Wrestlemania. However, it used to be "The Big 5" with the King of the Ring as the 5th. Why isn't that ppv still around? Memorable moments(check out top 10 I did recently), name recognition, and a tournament surrounding the ppv. Not only that, but it was a platform ...

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  7. WWE Raw Hits and Misses 6-24-13

    Overall Score: 6


    Daniel Bryan vs. Randy Orton I:
    I liked how this kicked off Raw on Monday. Honestly I was shocked to see a match start Raw. I believe that Daniel Bryan should drop the weak link act. It's gotten kind of old by now and no one really believes him since he can take out all three members of The Shield on his own. I liked that Orton came out and told Bryan ...
  8. WWE, Changing For The Better?

    According to multiple sources, Vince McMahon has not been pleased with Monday Night Raw's ratings and rightfully so. Monday Night Raw has battled against both the NBA and the NHL playoffs, and as a result people have seen their ratings decrease. When facing strong competition on TV, WWE loyalist will always use that big competition as an excuse to why the ratings were low. In truth, a TV show itself ...

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  9. Money in the bank booking 2013

    If I were in charge of the booking for the money in the bank PPV I would capitalize on all the momentum from the last week and book a strong show to feed into Summer Slam. I think with the current roster and programs I could book a show to rival Payback and keep the WWE PPV summer Renaissance alive.

    Match #1
    U.S. Title
    Dean Ambrose vs. Antonio Cesaro
    In Philadelphia ...
  10. WWE Raw 6-17-13 Hits and Misses

    In here I will give a overall score of Monday's show 1-10, the hits, the misses, and a summary of the blog.

    Overall Score:


    Del Rio Segment: I'm really happy that WWE has decided to turn Del Rio back heel. I never liked him as a face as I found him so cocky and arrogant. With that being said I'm okay with him winning the World Title from Ziggler as long ...
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