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  1. Driving The WWE: Are you happy with the companies direction?

    Do you sit by your tv on Monday nights and wonder what the hell is the WWE thinking with their programming? Of course you do! After reading so many dirtsheets and listen to the IWC rant about how they hate the WWE right now. Hate the direction of the company. Hate that PG rating that stole away their precious Attitude Era. It can only be attributed to a few things. So here they are.
    1. ...

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  2. The Rebelliion of the WWE: What should happen after WM30

    It’s the night after Wrestlemania 30, Monday Night Raw , The Authority stands in the ring with their newly crowned , newly turned heel Batista. Brock Lesnar stands beside him with Paul Heyman after a unbelievably shocking defeat of the Undertaker, doing the impossible and ending the streak. John Cena stands beside them after decimating the Wyatts single-handedly. Kane, Brad Maddox and a few ...
  3. I CAN WAIT for Daniel Bryan to be champion!

    Hey all,
    I've been visiting this site about a year. This is my first blog post, I guess what I saw at the Rumble was kind of the thing that has motivated me to write about the sad state of affairs. If you are here you probably have had someone say to you "Why do you watch wrestling, it's fake" My reply is easy, it isn't about the results for me, my favorite thing about it is the story ...
  4. Superstar CM Punk: "CM Punk leaving was years in the making!"

    Recently, WWE superstar, CM Punk decided to leave and take some time off. Makes the Stone Cold comparisons even more valid. However, how long he is taking off is anyones guess. Some say he won't be back. I've been waiting for some time to share the story of how I became a Punk fan(pre-pipebomb) and why at the beginning I hated CM Punk. Leave that and talk about his future in this blog on Superstar ...
  5. Predicting the Wrestlemania 30 Card

    I used to blog weekly on here a couple months ago critiquing Raw. What I found out was that I was starting to hate the product because I would critique every little thing. So I just stopped blogging altogether. But I ended up missing it so that's why I'm back. And who knows, maybe I'll revive my Raw Hits and Misses Blog, but for now I chose to jump back into it with something simple like predicting ...
  6. The real reason why the WWE product sucks

    The way the WWE poorly books the talent they have under contract is a symptom of the real problem. - It's not the cause.

    The reason why the WWE sucks, and has sucked for a very long time, is due to one reason in particular far above all other reasonss. It all began in October of 1999. That was when the WWF (at the time) went from being a privately owned company to one that became publicly ...

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  7. The Case for a Jacqueline Moore Hall of Fame Induction in 2014

    Jackie Moore for WWE Hall of Fame 2014:

    Jackie Moore is arguably the most talented female performer to grace the WWE

    Debut: 1989

    USWA Women's Championship (8 times)

    IAW Women's Championship (1 time)
    UWF Women's World Championship (1 time)
    WWE Cruiserweight Championship (1 time)
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  8. Lynx's top 5 least favorite wrestlers currently

    Inspired by AWrestlingGod's thread on current 5 faves in WWE, I decided to give my 5 least favorites. These are my opinions only. Just because you may like these 5, doesn't mean I have to. Also, if you think your favorite won't make this list... then I'm afraid I've got some BAD NEWS for you. Anyway, let's begin in no particular order...

    #1 - Dolph Ziggler - This dude sucks! I know I've ...
  9. How to book Sting mania 30-mania 32.part 1 The Arrival

    John Cena is in the ring The night after His fight with Bray Wyatt at WM30, He is presenting a promo on how Bray brought him to the limit and showed him he can go to that Dark place in order to reach his goals, Cena says he has one more Goal. He says he wants to make a challenge to a superstar that has dominated and defeated the best of the best.
    Just as he is about to announce his ambitions ...
  10. How WWE Lost Its Fans

    First, Let’s look at the past year that Daniel Bryan has had.

    -He was a one half of the WWE Tag Team Champions. That team, Hell No, was more over with the crowd than any team currently on the roster.
    -After the Shield’s debut, Daniel Bryan was the first superstar to claim a win against them when Bryan made Rollins tap
    -Daniel Bryan’s popularity had ...
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