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  1. Monday Night Blog Brawl#1

    Ladies and Gentlemen, welcome to the most exciting show that has debuted on EWN since the EWN Championship. Welcome to Monday Night Blog Brawl. Ever since my latest blog being the EWN Championship where we saw TGO pull it out against some stiff competition, I have been thinking a lot about another creation. Well without further anticipation, welcome to the inaugural Monday Night Blog Brawl.
  2. Yes, Your Time Is Now: Cena v Bryan

    Entry 7.

    Five weeks. Five weeks can pass in the blink of an eye. When compared to a year, or a decade, or a century, five weeks is nothing. Five weeks is a drop in the bucket. But what if it's not? What if five weeks is really an eternity? What if no matter how many times you slept and how many times you awoke, it felt like your desired date would never truly be within reach? For fans, ...

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  3. Thom Hodkinson's Pay-Per-Review: Mo Money (In The Bank)

    Allow me to apologise in advance. I know this is a week late, but it has been one messed up week, so this literally is the first chance I've had to watch Money in the Bank, but I hope you'll appreciate my review none-the-less.

    Damien Sandow wins Money in the Bank
    These Money in the Bank matches are so chock-full of awesome moments, I'm going to bullet point them both
    ยท ...
  4. Booking the Best Possible Summerslam

    Hey everyone, this will be my personal/realistic booking of WWE summerslam 2013. In my opinion wwe has potential to put on an excellent ppv that could end up being the ppv of the year. I'm basing the card off recent storylines, online rumors and what the fans would like to see. Since Jericho is taking time off to tour with fozzy he will be left off the card.


    Triple ...
  5. My view: Raw 1000 Flashback

    A year ago, Raw 1000 aired. So? It is time to give a year in review. Review Raw 1000 a year later. Why a year later? Everyone else did so last year. Point is to look back at the big episode, talk about the feuds it led to, and to look at the progress WWE has made since this point. So I'm calling this blog Raw 1000 is the review:

    *I summarized it as much as I could. ...
  6. The Impact:7/18/13

    Ladies and Gentleman( and children of all ages), welcome to Wrestling is Bischoff!!!Last we witnessed a free pay-per-view on Thursday so it leads me to call it a free- per- view. If you haven't seen Destination X yet or haven't seen the spoiler I advise you to top reading.

    Opening Promo: We had Bully Ray demanding to see his wife and Brooke comes to the ring. They argue about Brooke wanting ...
  7. OO: Ozfan's Opinion - Booking WWE SummerSlam 2013

    Hey everyone. Welcome to Double O! I am Ozfan and I am here with another opinion of mine. This will be based on how I would book the upcoming WWE Pay-Per-View, SummerSlam. SummerSlam always has to be good. It is part of the 'Big Four' along with Survivor Series, Royal Rumble and of course, the big one: WrestleMania! Just to clarify, the following bookings will NOT be like a Dreamcard, such as 'Undertaker ...
  8. Sudden Impact: Destination X: Best Episode of Wrestling This Year?

    Hey fans. Savior here with another edtion of Sudden Impact. I know the title of this blog is a bit of a stretch. I don't think I can say it's the best of the year. It was damn close though. TNA did not disappoint in Louisville Kentucky tonight. Will it lead to a bump in ratings? Probably not as I don't think anything on Spike TV is pulling anything in terms of viewership. But one thing I do know is, ...
  9. The Story of Daniel Bryan

    Fans have many different opinions when it comes to pro-wrestling. But the one thing most can agree on is that a wrestling company must provide the fans with what they want. Some people out there claim that the WWE hardly ever gives the fans what they want. If that were the case, WWE would have been out of business years ago. Nearly every wrestler that has been insanely over has eventually won the ...

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  10. WWE Raw 7-15-2013 Hits and Misses

    *Note: Sorry I didn't do this blog last Monday but it was my birthday and my family took me out to eat so I didn't even get to watch Raw.

    Overall Score: 9.5


    Opening Segment: I actually liked the opening segment very much. It showed that the crowd was going to be hot tonight and ushered in the "Maddox Era" just fine. The real reason I liked this ...

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