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  1. The 5 Worst Vignettes and Videos in Wrestling History

    Wrestling had some great vignettes that made you anticipate a return or a debut of a Wrestler, Such as the Mr Perfect vignettes or the Mankind vignettes come to mind. Wrestling also had some great Videos done outside the ring like the NWO videos and the Exciting, spine chilling Video of Austin trying to break in to Brian Pillmans house.... Well these Videos and vignettes are nothing like those ones, ...

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  2. WWE Management: In and Out of The Ring.

    Wassup Splashers! With the Hell in Cell right around the corner, everybody seems to be talking about it. Also since my Night of Champions Picks was a dead flop, I decided to give this one a pass and talk about other things.

    On WWE Managment:

    For most of you WWE fans, the answer seems ...

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  3. Good things in the wrestling world

    Hello once again all my fellow wrestling aficionados. It has been awhile since my last post, but I, like all of you, have been following our shared passion most diligently. For those of you who have read my blogs and/or posts you may know that I tend to be a positive person and choose to on occasion acknowledge the good things going on in wrestling today. This blog is meant to highlight some of ...
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  4. Cena vs Rock and my All-Time Fantasy Card

    WWE has been billing the main event for Wrestlemania for a "dream" match of Rock vs. Cena.

    Who I'll root for: Rock
    Who should win: Cena - I don't think the WWE has had a harder worker than Cena in all the time they’ve been operating. Although I am not a Cena fan, he does deserve to bask in the victory over Rock at Wrestlemania. And when you compare Cena to Rock ...
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  5. The Top 5 Most Important Men in Wrestling History

    These Men Changed wrestling. In different time spans, These men all have made a huge impact on wrestling and helped it evolve from what it was. In Different ways these 5 men changed wrestling and their influence still shows in todays product. These 5 Men Changed The business and American Wrestling has never been the same since, So without further ado, Here is the Top 5 most Important men in Wrestling. ...

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  6. Mid Carder of the Week - Steve Blackman

    Steve Blackman began wrestling professionally in 1986 at Stu Hart's Stampede Wrestling. By 1988 the WWF began to show interest when he was struck with Malaria and Dysentery. In their attempts to end Blackman's existence, Malaria and Dystenery let their guards down. Blackman hit Malaria with a kendo stick and Dysentary with a roundhouse kick. You don't mess with Steve Fucking Blackman.
  7. WWE Hell in a Cell Thoughts & Predictions

    Yes I have to decided to try a blog, not that anyone here knows me at all but that's allright.

    -- Contains some of Smackdown spoilers from this Friday --


    First I like to share my thoughts about the Hell in a Cell PPV, I think this PPV won't be as succesfull or entertaining as any other of the PPVs. This is because the lack of build-up and taking ...

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  8. How Hell In A Cell Changed WWE

    How Hell In A Cell Changed WWE

    Hello everyone,I hope you enjoy this blog about Hell In A Cell and we all know that is the next ppv comming up,so I felt this was the perfect time to write about this topic.

    Hell In A Cell is a 20 foot high roofed cell structure.It first debuted in autumn 1997 at badd blood.The heart break kid Shawn Michaels and the dead man The ...

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  9. Problems with the WWE

    These are the Problems I see in the WWEs current product. They many Problems but ill get to some and some solutions I think might help them.

    I'm Not one of those guys who get on here and complain about John Cenas title wins or how Randy Orton and John Cena are killing wrestling and holding everyone back..... Its only Logical the WWEs most over guys would be atop ...

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  10. Random Hell In A Cell Thoughts...

    We are but a very short week and half removed from Night of Champions, and in just a few days we all face that dreaded question, “Do I really want to spend $50, when I just did two weeks ago.” Well my answer is no, I won't be spending the money to buy this PPV, and there's good reason for it. Why would I want to drop half a bill for matches that have no build up whatsoever. The only ...

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