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  1. The Rocks Top 5 Matches

    With all the talk of the Great one comming back to Action after a almost 8 year absence. So we will look back at some of The Rocks best matches.

    The Rules
    We are gonna stick with one on one matches or triple threats no tag or mutli men tag matches.

    5. The Rock vs Kurt Angle No Way Out 2001
  2. The Formula for Successful Tag Teams

    For people to get behind a newly created team, there must be a logic as to why two wrestlers teamed up. They could also be involve in a same storyline (HHH-Punk), or their gimmicks are the same at some level (Beer Money), or their character compliments each other, or they have common enemy, or common goal (Awesome Truth), etc. But sometimes teams are created just to make other wrestler stay relevant ...

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  3. Shane Douglas: The Forgotten Franchise.

    Hey Splashers! I just finally updated my twitter page. Anyone interested in me find me at Ok enough with the cheap plugs, let’s get to it.

    I read Shane “The Franchise” Douglas’ recent interview on Busted Open that was posted here on, and I ...

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  4. Stars that should cross from TNA to WWE and vice versa

    First blog.. well, I had to leave the trenches one day. This one is sparked by something that Chris Jericho says on the Rise and Fall of WCW dvd. He said that when WCW went bust, the biggest loss for the wrestlers was the lack of ability to move around. When sidetracked in one organisation, a wrestler could always try the other organisation. Sometimes time and place just aren't right, whilst another ...
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  5. WWE and TNA: An Overview: Part 1

    Wrestling Matters:

    So, the WWE is just the WWE. It isn't World Wrestling Entertainment. It hasn't been the World Wrestling Federation since 2002. Funny world huh. We go from wrestling, to just entertainment. Than as Knox so kindly demonstrated in his blog, TNA did Wrestling Matters in response to this. Well, I don't know about you, but I get the feeling that has been scrapped as quickly ...

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  6. Bring Back 4 on 4

    I wish WWE would drop the 5 on 5 and go back to 4 on 4. Each team should consist of a main eventer (captain), mid-carder and a tag team. Or even have two tag teams together against another opposing two tag teams.

    Survivor Series is like the Royal Rumble, it can lead to new feuds simply because of an elimination. I would have the suvivor matches lead up to the following PPV.
  7. Raw Thoughts 11/07/11

    What's poppin all, ratedATB back at it again with my thoughts on Raw from 11/7/2011. I think that from here on out I will be doing my thoughts on Raw. Also expect ppv reviews/previews and other random blogs I may think of.

    We open up with a lackluster segment involving Cena and Awesome Truth. Typical Cena promo with not much to talk about except how fast Ryder is growing into a mainstay ...

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  8. Who should face The Undertaker at Wrestlemania 28?

    Who is The Phenom going to face in perhaps his final Wrestlemania? Will it be:

    Brock Lesnar: After all the talk that was going on just a while ago, where Brock signed to a deal for the WWE 12 game, people have been asking if he wants to return. This is what he said "would i consider it? Definetly now his UFC career is coming to an end but with Wrestlemania not too far away i doubt ...

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  9. Who has the best mic skills in the WWE at the moment?

    We all know who the best wrestler in the WWE is at the moment (*cough*ziggler) only kidding but really he is totally awesome. Back to topic, one thing i would like to know is who has the best mic skills?

    Here is a list of those who i believe (and it is only an opinion, so chill) are the best on the mic (this doesn't include the past, but i will name those who might return for good, ...
  10. How "Wrestling Matters" Backfired on TNA & Impact Going Live

    Hey guys Knox here. I blog all the time about issues and problems within WWE & TNA. I know I'm viewed as a TNA hater but I generally watch the product but I have a hard time enjoying it. I know TNA has the most loyal fans so don't take this blog as bashing TNA. Point blank, they screwed up the "Wrestling Matters" gimmick and I'll tell you why.

    Wrestling Matters was ...

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