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  1. iMPACT Report:Crimson & Morgan Tag Champions and Fortune's Fall?

    I've been reading alot of reports (and some spoilers) for IMPACT lately and pretty much just watching alot of IMPACT.I would like to talk about some main focuses during the past month or so from TNA.


    Well...great way to keep Crimson's undefeated streak and push (well I don't know, It started the day he signed with TNA..) I think Morgan ...
  2. Raw Thoughts: 11/14/2011

    What's poppin folks, RatedATB back at it again with his thoughts on this weeks Raw. Apologies for the lateness, as I said in my previous blog this was late due to me working on Monday and I had to catch the episode on Wednesday. So without further ado...

    We open up with the Michael Cole Challenge. Hmm. All I can really say here is Punk hit the nail directly on the head...this was a ...

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    Thoughts and Opinions
  3. MY Problem with the WWE

    Hello, This is my first blog ever on this site, i figured since the WWE is at maximum annoyance level lately for me it would be a good time to complain about it. So here it is. I'm gonna talk about some of the talent of the WWE and why I think that nothing will ever come of them or/ why they annoy the hell out me.

    [B]DOLPH ZIGGLER[/B] sure, this guy can wrestle. Sure, he has the look. ...
  4. Blog Wars Episode 3: Greatest Tag Teams in Wrestling Part 2

    This is 2nd part of the best tag teams list. Due to character restraints I had to put Dr. Death's response in a separate blog. As I said before please place your votes on this blog.

    Dr. Death(C)

    Top 5 Tag Teams in Wrestling History
    This time we'll focus on the Top 5 Tag Teams in Wrestling History. As you all know there will be certain criteria to meet, ...

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  5. Blog Wars Episode 3: Greatest Tag Teams in Wrestling Part 1

    Welcome back to episode 3 of Blog Wars. First off the last match ended in a draw so Dr. Death is still the champion but knox is back since no one won and the blog is triple threat match by adding The Hit Man. Because of a character limit I have to put Dr. Death's response in another blog so vote on part 2 only.

    Top 5 Tag Teams in Wrestling
    Each contestants will name tag teams ...
  6. RAW Got "Dwayn'ed" and Top 5 Wrestlers Who Need to Stay out of the Ring.

    Howdy Splashers. I know a lot of my readers, might not be too happy with this next Splash. I just want to say now; my intention is not to insult anyone, certainly any of my fellow bloggers. With that, in mind, let’s splashin’!

    Last night’s RAW was supposed to be a 3 hour event where ...

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  7. What I'm On - SURVIVING the WWE

    What I’m on - Surviving the WWE

    On WWE Survivor Series

    As I sit in my room, listening to the thunderous rain outside, and the music on my iPod Touch going, it’s the perfect foreshadow into what I want to discuss. That simply being the gray card that is known as the WWE Survivor Series Pay-Per View. Back in the day, Survivor Series was one of the greatest spectacles ...
  8. Celebrating The Life of The Late Eddie Guerrero

    I wanted to focus on the Life of one of the all time Greats Eddie Guerrero.

    I'm Writting this Novermeber 13th, 6 years ago today we not only lost a Great Wrestler but the World Lost a Great man, A wonderful Father, A inspirational Man, A caring Person and so much more on November 13th.

    I was preparing for my sons first Birthday and I read the news about Eddie Guerrero ...

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  9. Chyna Looks for a "Backdoor" to the WWE, and Jericho will never come back?

    Hey Splashers, Just watched TNA Turning point. As a TNA fan I was overall disappointed. The best match of the night in my eyes was The Three Way Dance for the X-Division Title. Well enough of that, lets get to the Splash

    On Chyna wanting to go back to the WWE:
    Over the past week For WWE ...

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  10. STATE OF THE 'E: It's Ranting Time!

    The OFTEN imitated, NEVER duplicated... STATE OF THE 'E!!!

    Welcome, welcome one and all. I'm back with another blog and I'm actually kind of pissed off. You see, since the beginning of the year, I've been on a quest to "trust" THE 'E with their decisions and let my sense of (my version) of right and wrong just go to the wayside. And I know that this Monday night, The ...

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