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  1. What Happen To Wrestling Entertainment In The WWE

    Hey was up EWN people this is my first blog I just got back from Camp Pendleton for my Thanksgiving break well enough about my Bull****.

    I've been watching WWE since 1989 when Hulk Hogan was WWF Champion the top face of the WWF, to be honest I was never a fan of his just for the fact that he always won, he was unstoppable hero and he just didn't catch my attention. I was more of a ...
  2. Is Bret Hart Overated?

    This Blog is not asking the question "If Bret Harts Overated" Cause that is the dumbest thing I ever read. This Refering to a Artical on a different Website Called "". On this site they had a Round table asking If Bret hart is overated. After Reading it I wondered if a intelligent and well balanced Wrestling coulumnist exist. The bloggers on this site have a better ...

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  3. The Problem with The Rock v Cena

    After reading DK Wrestling Savior’s blog entitled “The State of Wrestling...Is the End Near?” I began to think about how the ‘upcoming’ Rock vs. Cena match at Mania. Many people are comparing this to the epic Rock vs. Hogan match from ‘Mania 18, however there are some glaring differences that I can see, but for now I am going to concentrate on what I consider to be the greatest. The lack ...

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  4. Raw Thoughts: 11/21/2011

    What's poppin folks, RatedATB back at it again folks with his Raw thoughts. We are coming off the heels of Survivor Series and with plenty to build into, lets not waste anytime. Without further ado....

    We open up with Punk talking about his need for change and I can't help but agree with a lot of what he said. Nothing really much to talk about here, other than my hope of one of those ...
  5. Whats going on in WWE and My take on it.

    This is me giving my take on the news and current events in the WWE. I'm new to this so bare with me.

    Randy Orton Talked about The Rock and how he (Orton) no longer holds bitterness towards him (The Rock) and how he wants to even have a match with The Rock. Here is some clips of the interview courtesy of

    "As far as The Rock and myself are concerned, ...

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  6. 10 Most Pointless WWE Title Reigns of 2011

    Hey guys! You might have seen me on the forums and this is my first blog so I will try. This year, we have had alot of pointless title reigns but here are my top ten.

    10. Kofi Kingston - United States Championship:

    This just got in, but when he won the title from Sheamus, I was pissed. We knew that Sheamus was going to Smackdown, but Kofi? Really? He just got off the ...

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  7. WWE: Smart Booking - Morrison over Ryder

    Your first (non-colorfully worded) reaction might be "You are a moron, that was a stupid decision!"

    Taking a step back and looking at the big picture, it may have been a genius move.

    Disclosure: I probably repeated and contradicted myself, feel free to call me out on it, if I'm mistaken on my 'facts' anywhere, also feel free to correct me.

    Reason ...
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  8. A Week in Review, with Survivor Series Thoughts

    Hello Splashers! Welcome back! It’s been an interesting week in wrestling, so rather than doing a top 5, I figured I would give some of my thoughts on whats been happening.

    On Matt Hardy.

    Last week Matt Hardy and Matt Hardy Sky spent a lovely weekend together during one of Matt’s visits, ...
  9. 1997: WWE's best year

    January- Royal Rumble in the Almodome maybe the best since 1995 whem SM won it. Stone Cold a major factor this night in front of about a Wrestlemania size crowd of about 60k. My favorite moment is the fact that when Austin is walking out with his condescending bmf walk. Lawler says that's a bad man right there and Vince says says yes it is. 99 wasn't Austins year 97 was his best as a heel turned ...

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  10. The State of Wrestling...Is the End Near?

    This is my first real attempt at a blog in a public forum. I welcome any comments and I will be posting regarding WWE and TNA leading up to Wrestlemania. I cannot promise that I will be posting after Wrestlemania though.

    I've watched Wrestling for a long time. And while I've seen the emergence of many superstars, and dealt with changing times and different eras. I've never thought I'd ...

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